Wound Care

How to Identify and Care for Wounds

Types of Wounds

How to Care for Wounds

1) Put on Gloves
2) Control Bleeding
  1. Apply Direct Pressure
  2. Elevate the Wound Above the Heart if Possible
  3. Use Pressure Points on Arteries to Decrease Blood Flow

3) Minimize Risk of Infection by Cleaning Wound With Large Amounts of Soap, Warm Water, and Sterile Solution

4) Cover Wound With Sterile Dressing

Are Stitches Needed?

Sutures (Stitches) are Most Likely Necessary With Deep lacerations, Incisions, and Occasionally Punctures. They may Also be Needed if the Edges of the Wound Cannot be Easily Pushed Back Together. The Decision Should be Made by a Physician Within 12 Hours of the Injury. Sometime Steri-Strips can be used Instead of Stitches.

Is it Infected?

5 Signs of Infection
  • Pain
  • Heat
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Disordered Function

Pus may Form due to Accumulation of White Blood Cells

Fever may Develop as Immune System Fights Bacterial Infection