Sacagaweas friends and family

Here is sacagawea

  • She has a brother that is part of another tribe
  • Her and her brother were sperated at a young age
  • she has a son and was married to an english man

This is Cameahwait

  • He is scagawea's brother
  • Is not in the same tribe as sacagwea
  • meets sacagawea and other people for help and the need for horses
  • Lends Lewis and Clark some horses

This is Toussaint Charbonneau

  • This is sacagaweas husband
  • He had a son and daughter with sacagawea
  • they name the son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau

Smoked Lodge

  • He the chief of the cheif of the shoshone tribe
  • He is Sacagaweas father
  • His name transkated means Smoked Lodge but his name in his own languedge is almost unknown

Otter Woman

  • This was Smoked Lodge's wife
  • Also the mother of sacagawea
  • Her real name is almost unknown

Lizette Charbonneau

  • This is Sacagawea's Daughter
  • The sister to Sacagaweas son

Jean Baptist Charbonneau

  • this is the son of sacagawea
  • the brother to Lizette Charbonneau

Meriwether Lewis

  • Lead an expidition with many other people
  • Brought a close friend while exploring
  • Was hired by the president Thomas jefferson

William Clark

  • Was asked to go on an expidition with Meriwether Lewis
  • Often times would exlpore alone with his dog

Thomas Jefferson

  • Was the peresedent at the time
  • led Lewis and Clark on an expidition witch led them to met sacagawea