Mississauga Women's Shelter

Our Goals:

A women's shelter that can help protect and shield women from spousal or domestic abuse. M.W.S provides a secure, healthy and blissful living environment for mothers and their children.

What is spousal abuse?

Spousal abuse is when one individual in a relationship or marriage tries to control or dominate the second individual. Physical violence can be dangerous and sometimes life-threatening for evident reasoning but, emotionally abusive relationships can be equally damaging to your self-confidence and self-worth and can lead to anxiety and depression. Spousal violence can rapidly increase from threats and verbal abuse to physical violence.
The first thing you need to do is, recognize an abusive relationship before you can seek the help you need.

Common signs you're in an abusive relationship

* Consistently watching what you say and do around your partner

* Feeling like you are 'walking on eggshells' in your relationship

* They try to control, threaten, humiliate or isolate you

* Feeling desperate, helpless or worthless

* Physical abuse (hitting, kicking, choking, punching, etc.)

* Sexual abuse (Forced into sexual favors)

What M.W.S provides that other shelters may not

  • Free daytime daycare for children
  • Activities children can attend nightly to give mothers time to deal with court matters or have free time (Example: Craft time, movie night, etc.)
  • Extended meal time
  • Field trips ( The zoo, fruit picking, camping, etc.)

Women in shelters do not necessarily have the money to go out often and tend to stay in the shelter all day, M.W.S allows the women to experience enjoyment as well as safety.