Mrs. Martin's Minions

April 2016

What happened last month....

Last month we worked on:


*fractions--comparing, number lines




*categorize and classify

*author's purpose


*human body

*plants (just started)

Social Studies

*how times have changed through personal narratives

Upcoming topics for April.....

Reading Comprehension: We will be focusing on author's purpose, text/graphic features, main idea/details, cause/effect, fact/opinion, understanding characters, conclusions/generalizations, story structure/summarize

Phonics: words with prefixes, suffixes, common final syllables, double consonants, words with ough/augh, schwa sound

Vocabulary: words from another language, suffix, homographs, root words, prefixes, compound words

Math: creating/organizing/displaying and analyzing data (graphs), measurement to the nearest inch, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch, two-step word problems, shapes (new term--quadrilaterals), perimeter, angles

Science: Plants (parts, functions, life cycle of seeds), properties/components of different soils affect plant growth, magnetism

Social Studies: compare languages/food/traditions of various groups living in local and regional communities, how cultures "borrow and share" ideas/things from each other, how locations of regions and natural resources influence economic development

What we do all day.....

Useful Information for you and your child

Dates to know--

March 25-April 1: SPRING BREAK!! WOOOOT WOOOOT (I mean, I will miss my little darlings)

April 11: Workday (no school for kiddos)

April 17-22: County math interim assessment (last one for the year)

April 29: Early Release

May 2-20: End of the year Mclass reading assessment and SRI assessments

May 4: Progress Reports

May 21: Spring Fling at the school ($20 per family) 11am-3pm

May 26-27: EOG's (math and reading)

May 30: Holiday

June 3-9: EOG retests (if students were absent)

June 9: Early Release (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL); 4th 9 weeks report cards sent home

June 10: Teacher workday

Leveled Reading Comprehension Questions