All about Alicia Deras

All about me!

10 fun facts about Alicia Deras

1. I love food

2. Have a dog named Cosmo

3. I'm 15 years old

4. Enjoy the outdoors

5. Adore listening to music

6. I Like gaming

7. Love my parents

8. Love my boyfriend


10. Love playing guitar!

Funniest or most Embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment i have ever lived through was the time that i had an encounter with a mouse. I walked outside only to find my dog trying to swallow this mouse whole! So i quickly sprinted towards him and yelled at him in anger and of course, he ran away. I grabbed the mouse so i could return him to safety and the mouse sunk its teeth onto my pinky and i screamed so loud i started to run around my yard! I started shaking my hand everywhere to free myself from the sharp teeth and i eventually flung him away. I then walked into my house crying and my whole family watched and laughed at me.

Fun photos

Questions i am often asked

Weird questions

1. Why are you so weird?

2. Are you a bookworm?

3. Do you have a boyfriend?

4. Why do you always wear black?