Tracking the Wolf PUPS

The Arthur Den

Welcome to our WOLF DEN!

We are well on our way to another great school year! Over the years I have used various programs to change the 'warm-up' laps for the elementary students. This year will have ungraded from the PAW Club to an Amazing Race! We will now be 'wolfing' it across the United States!

BUT WAIT, you just might be able to help the students out.

The Amazing Race

The purpose of this activity is to get the students excited about exercise (and their warm-up laps). Each grade will have their own route to travel. This will be focused on various regions of the United States (here is a little cross curricular learning).

The objective of Wolfing it Across the United States is to get across the region from a given destination together as a group. Each day during PE class the students will participate in a warm-up exercise that will allow them to add their laps together to earn miles in an effort to "race across the US".

How can you help? If you are a walker, a jogger or a runner you can write your distance/miles down and send them with your child as "sponsor miles" to help!

I understand that we have a very active community and what wonderful behavior to model for our children! If you have another form of exercise that you do or feel that we could use please give me a call and we can figure something out!

Each class will be using a different color to indicate their route across the US.

*we use 19 laps are equal to a mile in the Arthur Gym


The purpose of this activity is to put students in the frame of mind for developing short-and long-term physical activity plans. Along with providing a sense of competence and positive self-image, as well as setting life-long patterns of physical activity.

Thanks for being supportive and remember we just want to have fun together!