Iguaza Falls

One of the magnificent destinations of Paraguay, the Iguassu Falls is designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Located at the border of three countries Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, the massive pouring of the falls against the lush green forests are a treat to the eyes of the spectator. The volume of water that pours every second from Iguassu Falls is nearly 1500 cubic meters.

Panteon nacional de los heroes

It is a plaza where tourists can explore the cultural roots and societal norms of Paraguay. The tourists can find a handful of relics from this very mall of Panteon Nacional de los Heroes.


Villarica has many theatres, performing arts schools, and the Camara Orchestra. It also has the Fermin Lopez Museum, which has an interesting collection of Paraguayan artifacts such as coins, old photos, and weaponry.

Itaipu Dam

Once the waters of the Iguazu River crash off the falls, they are fed into the Parana River. The dam is the largest hydro-electric plant in the world, supplying 90 percent of Paraguay’s electricity.

Cerro Cora National Park

This national park is the largest protected area in Paraguay. It is home to caves that contain prehistoric indigenous artwork and inscriptions of the Pai Tavy Tera people dating back to 1300 BC. It is also the final resting place of one of modern Paraguay’s heroes, Francisco Solano Lopez, who died there in 1870.