Hoop City:Baltimore

By:Jacob Miller

Brief Summary

Hoop City Baltimore is a book that has a boy named Marcus.He is a football and basketball star.Marcus grow up in the hood his whole life.his dad died when he was young. Marcus mom is a drug addict.Marcus bestfriend Chris was killed and marcus doesnt know who it was.

List of Characters

Joe-A gang leader

Marcus-The star/The main character

Mom-Marcus mom

Chris-Marcus best friend

Coach Watson-Marcus coach

DeShawn-Marcus friend

Analysis for Marcus

Trait 1: Marcus is a person that stands up for himself.

Evidence: During the championship football game one of the other teams players called Marcus the N word. So Marcus fought him.

Trait 2:Marcus is a person who doesn't snitch.

Evidence: Alt hoe Marcus could've been expelled for fighting.But he never told the reason why he fought him.

Quote from a character

The first sentence in the book Joe said "You don't want to be known as a snitch, hear."
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You never want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time because it can lead to something really bad.

Important Event

Marcus best friend Chris is killed.But Marcus doeskin know who it was that killed Chris.Some people think Joe killed Chris.
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This a good book for people who like mysteries.Also for people that like sports as well.