December Holidays

What we celebrate in the month of December

4th December - Miners' Day

Our city is the capital of an industrial region called Silesia, where coal has been excavated for centuries. That's why miners are a very respected group and the day of their patron, Saint Barbara, is always celebrated by everyone here. At schools we invite miners to come and talk to pupils about their hard work, we organize contests of Silesian dialect etc.

6th December - St. Nicholas Day

In Poland, Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, visits children on 6th December. Sometimes he leaves presents in children's rooms at night, sometimes he leaves them on the doorstep and sometimes - visits children personally. When he does, we have to do what he says - sing, tell a poem, say how nice or naughty we were. If a child was naughty, he or she may expect a lump of coal!

24th - 26th December - Christmas

Celebrating Christmas starts on 24th December, with the first star appearing in the winter sky. People sit down together with their families to read out passages from the Bible, sing Christmas carols, share with a wafer, eat a festive supper, consisting of twelve traditional dishes and find presents left under their Christmas trees by an angel. Then at midnight they go to a midnight mass. Then two days of celebrations follow, mainly spent on visiting family, going to church and relaxing. At school we always have a festive Christmas day - the last day before Christmas break. We attend a nativity play at the gym and then have Christmas parties with our classes.

31st December - New Year's Eve

We celebrate New Year's Eve like everyone else in the world - having fun. Sometimes we go to our friends' houses to meet the New Year together, sometimes our parents take us away to some winter resorts or we can stay at home and watch TV or chat with other homebound friends online.