Chia Boon Teck

Why the Right Litigator is Important to Resolve Your Construction Litigations

With so many construction projects in progress at one single time, it is hardly surprising that there are an equal number of litigations too arising, related to the construction business. Every phase of the project is handled through contracts and these contracts are all designed even before the work commences. Therefore it goes without saying that when the physical work actually begins, it might face some unforeseen problems which is why the contract is drawn in the first place. In these circumstances when construction litigation arises, you will need to have someone equally well versed with this area of the industry. According to Chia Boon Teck of the Chia Wong LLP law firm who has fought many such cases in the past, experience in this area can make a whole lot of difference.

Distribution of Work

The final phase of a construction project is the culmination of efforts put in by various contributors. The architect, engineers, contractors and hired workers use the blue print provided to conclude the work, phase by phase. Of course in order to get quality work done, the contractor in charge will have to pay good money; the final responsibility is on his head. Chia Boon Teck reiterates that when the contractor follows this pattern, allocates work according to merit and then pays the right amount, quality work is derived.

Resolving Queries Quickly

Construction litigation is a very specialized form of the law and needs lawyers who are thorough with every facet of this industry. Without the right knowledge it would be impossible to handle the innumerable aspects that arise out of the project. Even if any kind of disagreement or dispute arises during the course of the construction, it needs to be resolved quickly so as not to affect the project timelines. As a specialist in construction litigation, Chia Boon Teck has helped resolve a number of such queries and disagreements with successful results, in a limited time frame.

Finding the Right Litigator

Many a times a disagreement cannot be settled outside the court. At such times lawyers like Chia Boon Teck use their considerable experience in these matters to bring the case to court, prove your point for you and then get the matter resolved as quickly as possible. Your litigator’s strong background and his experience with other construction litigation cases can make it easy for him to take on any dispute from this industry and understand what the clients might be facing. When that is done half your problems have already been solved.

Written by a professional author who describes the detail of Chia Boon Teck and Chia Wong LLP.