AISD Libs Tips O' the Week 10-5-15

A collection of tips and info from librarians and the LMC

AISD Librarian's Learning Community: Our first all librarian's meeting!

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 2pm

745 Mansell Avenue

Austin, TX

Agenda and registration information HERE!

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"If you want to increase your collaboration with teachers, this form is helpful. My teachers plan in the library after school on Thursdays, so I hand out this form to them and they let me know what they need--bookwise, technology resources, for collaboration on read-alouds etc."

-Yolanda Frost, Oak Springs Elementary


"I use Demco plastic library shelf markers and cut the Kinder's barcode list and tape them on. They do stay put all year and each kid uses it to look for books and then it's faster for me and the teacher to check them out because it's already in their hand! I was having issues fitting both the story time and checkout, but not anymore.

[see image below!]

I've also scheduled M W F as social media update days. Just a short post or tweet helps keep our social media current.

We've also started a MTWTHF shared Google Doc for my clerk and I to keep track of daily and weekly library duties."

-Claudia Gibson, Crockett High School

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"It's Banned Books week here, and I'm giving a short interactive lesson with student comments and questions for some English classes, about banned and challenged books. They always have lots to say, censorship really stirs up teenage passions!"

-Claudia Gibson, Crockett High School


"This week I am doing K-2 Places Safely and 3-5 Rings of Responsibility. You can find the lesson plans on Common Sense Media Website. The lessons are under Common Sense Education. It's free."

-Amy Gibbs, Widen ES

Dia de los Muertos

"For Dia de los Muertos I recommend this website for recipe & instructions on making sugar skulls and buying the molds:

Diane Collier Galindo

One of my favorite library-themed ways to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos is by creating an ofrenda that features deceased children's book authors and illustrators."

-Amanda Braziel, Maplewood ES


"I rarely get time to read books at work. I use the summertime to get caught up on the latest & greatest and to read several of the Bluebonnet books. I've also used the Overdrive app to download YA audiobooks from APL's collection, and I listen to them during lunch or commutes. That's been life-changing for me!"

-Amanda Braziel, Maplewood ES

"I WISH I could read at work. That was my fantasy, but it never happens, unless I'm giving my book club time to read, and then I let myself join them. I read in the evenings, and I always try to read one book for the kids and one for me, two books going at once. I don't ever want to give up reading books just for me. Latest adult book obsession: The Neapolitan series by Italian writer, Elena Ferrante. I binge-read it!"

-Sara Stevenson, O. Henry MS

"I'm determined to read 20 mins a day at lunch. I have an ARC of Every thing, every thing Nicola Yoon that I've been dying to read, so that starts today."

-Claudia Gibson, Crockett HS

"I only get time to read books at work when I'm using audiobooks, which is mostly how I read these days..."

Jo Patrick, Fulmore MS

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Cute of the week....

[see above photo]

"As I was putting up caution and danger tape on my library's door for Banned Book Week, I must have had at least seven adults and kids walk by and say "Is there something wrong with the door?"

Happy Banned Book Week! "

-Roger Grape, Guybrarian Blackshear ES

I saw something on the list serve....where did it go?

Most things that are shared on the list serve get posted on THIS page on the internal website. Also, if you have things you would like for us to advertise via social media and the like, please make sure you send it to Birdie :)

Star Wars Reads Day

"FYI. "Star Wars Reads Day! is tomorrow and Saturday (Oct. 9 -10). Feel free to share with your campuses. And of course..."May the Force be with you...Always."

-John F. Garcia, Casey ES

Library News: In preparation of the movie release of "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens" this December, there will be a "Star Wars Reads Day 2015" celebration tomorrow, Friday 10/9, and Saturday 10/10. There will be lots of different events at libraries and bookstores everywhere.

Here are resources for you to use in the classroom to encourage your students to get excited about reading. Please spread the word to your team members. And of course, "May the Force be with you...Always." - Official site with info and resources

DK Books - info and activity kit

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From the MPC......Sex ed binders for secondary

"I have cataloged and processed binders with the sex ed curriculum for your libraries. These are for parent review only and are not to be checked out or photocopied. I have cataloged them as PROF, but you may want to use a home location that is not accessible to the general public such as library office or circ desk.

You may also have a copy of AASL's standards for the 21st century learner in the package. These were items purchased for all libraries for your reference. If you do not receive one in this box, it is because it has already been sent to you or you picked it up while checking your box here at LMC."

-Bonnie Hauser, LMC

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