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Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the entire world, and it has been the primary destination of choice among tourists for years. Considering the rich Mexican traditions, the kindness of Mexican people, the variety and high quality of their food and several other aspects of the Mexico, I must say that is not a surprise.
The Mexican culture is perhaps one of the most interesting cultures in the world. Visit the culture section for more info about Mexican art, clothing, dance, music, sports & more.

Mexican Food

Not to be confused with Tex-Mex cuisine, which is often referred to as "Mexican food" in the US and Canada.

Mexican cuisine is primarily a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European, especially Spanish, elements added after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire in the 16th century. The basic staples remain native foods such ascorn, beans and chili peppers, but the Europeans introduced a large number of other foods, the most important of which were meat from domesticated animals (beef, pork, chicken, goat and sheep), dairy products (especially cheese) and variousherbs and lots of spices.

While, the Spanish initially tried to impose their own diet on the country, this was not possible and eventually the foods andcooking techniques began to be mixed, especially in colonial era convents. Over the centuries, this resulted in various regional cuisines, based on local conditions such as those in Oaxaca, Veracruz and the Yucatán Peninsula. Mexican cuisine is closely tied to the culture, social structure and popular traditions of the country. The most important example of this connection is the use of mole for special occasions and holidays, particularly in the South and Center regions of the country. For this reason and others, Mexican cuisine was added by UNESCO to its list of the world’s "intangible cultural heritage".

The Mexican people, descendants of the Aztecs and the Mayas, are known for their kindness and hospitality. Learn more about them in the People section.

89% of the Mexican population identifies itself as Roman Catholic. Learn more about the ancient and modern beliefs of Mexico in thereligion section.

From the pre-Columbian Mexican civilizations to the Mexican revolution, check out the history section.

The Mexican cuisine has a wide variety of flavors, decoration and spices. More about it in the food section.

Being the descendants of people like the powerful Aztecs and the crafty Mayas (and several others), and with the Hispanic elements introduced by the Conquerors, Mexico has a unique blend of different social, religious and cultural characteristics that join together to form a country that has options for everyone of its visitors, from business men to backpackers, from bird-watchers to party-hunters. Click for more about vacations in Mexico.

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