The Band Experience

Stick with band, if you too!


I believe that most exciting thing that I accomplished in my 8th grade band year was improving upon placement in band (the chair order), me starting to be more organized with my band music, and getting a better sound with my instruments. As an individual it felt pretty good becoming first chair of the clarinets and it only took one student to give up on their dreams of playing instrument and me practicing as much as I can do to achieve a good ranking. Another thing as a whole was playing off a bigger sound at the end of my 7th grade. As a whole class I felt that we kind of struggled a bit towards the end of the year and beginning. But I guess that we got constructive criticism that helped improve our band slowly overtime.

Strength & Weaknesses

Past Goals & New ones

I guess my key weakness would have to be me day dreaming sometimes when the conductor/teacher is working with another group. This has improved in the middle of the 1st semester of 8th grade, but I slowly came back to it now and then. So I plan on doing fixing that when I enter high school band. However my key strength has to be able to read and memorize key signatures or able to play a scale with more flats or sharps with the sheet. Or my main strength that I've gotten better at was playing with a louder and better sound. Back in my 6th and 7th grade years of band I always used to play at a little lower quality sound, but now I can play past my best sound if it's necessary to do.

For my 9th grade band year goals, I would plan on giving marching a try or if I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I would; I would sign up for JV Band instead. That would be the only thing that I would do in my band plans/goals.

Overall my whole 8th grade band experience was a bit bitter sweet, I did get to meet new and interesting people and got to know more about I didn't really know or knew about already. I really didn't have a all time favorite memory. I mean their were some good ones, but none of them really had that kind of impact. One thing I learned about myself is that I have a creative and artistic personality/character, felt a better understanding of life (like a couple things), and that I'm very handsome.

For my one piece of advice to any future 8th graders, it would have to be... not