Counseling Newsletter


Needs Survey

Feedback on this needs survey is greatly appreciated so I know what to focus on in groups, classroom guidance, or other services during my time as interim. It will also be helpful to Mr.Schweitzer as he continues to build the school counseling program. Thank you very much for your invaluable input!

This week in Guidance..

This week, Kindergarten is learning about kindness and accepting differences. To follow up from the goals lesson, third grade is learning about perseverance and overcoming obstacles.


10-10:30: McCrary


9-9:30: Proctor

1:30-2:15: Kibbe


9:15-9:45: Christopher

10-10:30: Waldrop

1:30-2:15: Lusk

* With the short week, please let me know if you would like to me to schedule a time to make-up guidance missed on Monday and Tuesday

Sometimes we all need a pep talk

Third grade is learning that we all need encouragement to overcome obstacles and accomplish our goals.
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Belly Breathe

A great video to help our younger students cope with anger and frustration.
Sesame Street: Common and Colbie Caillat - "Belly Breathe" with Elmo