Indonesian Animals

By Jayme and Kevin 7A

Sumatran Tiger

The sumatran tiger is the smallest tiger of the species and is currently is the listed as critically endangered.they are also in danger as their natural habitat gets cleared out.

Asiatic Elephant

Asian elephants are smaller than their African savannah relatives (Loxodonta africana) and have many other physical features that distinguish them. The ears are smaller and the back is more rounded so that the crown of the head is the highest point of the body.

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Sun Bear

Sun Bears are complete omnivores. They have very long tongues that allow them to get to hard to reach honey and insects. They have been known to eat termites, birds, small animals, honey, and fruit, and, as their habitats decline and food become scarce, it is not unusual for a wild Sun Bear to raid commercial crops, such as oil palms.

The Dhole

The Dhole is currently (2003) listed as a vulnerable species. It is known as the Dhole, Asian Wild Dog or the Red Dog. It was first discovered in 1811 by Amur. It inhabits Pamirs, Tien Shan, Altai, Sayan, Amur, India, China, Malaya, Sumatra, and Borneo.

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