Room 32 News

October 17, 2016

Language Arts

When reading our stories, we have focused on making predictions but also going back to the text to find evidence to support our thinking. This can be a little bit tricky but students can explain and defend why they are making a certain prediction in the story. We are also working on forming complete written sentences. One way is to use part of the question to start our answer. A highlighter is a great tool to highlight important words that can help form our written answer. For example:

Q: How are Miguel and Yoon alike in the two different stories?

A: Miguel and Yoon are alike in the stories because they both came to America from other countries.

Grammar: We have worked on identifying verbs and how to change them to past tense.

Example: I wrinkle my nose. Yesterday, I wrinkled my nose.

We have also reviewed when to insert commas when writing dates, cities and states.

Example: October 17, 2016 and San Diego, California

We have also introduced how to use quotation marks around the words someone says.

Example: She said, "I love dogs." OR "I love dogs," she said.

"Scribble, scribble went our pencils in Room 32 as we grabbed our writing journals out of our desks and began our stories." We have practiced 4 different strategies to capture the reader's attention and use Brilliant Beginnings (or hooks) for our writing. A brilliant beginning might start with a sound, question, feeling, or quote. Instead of writing, "I love recess." a student might start with a sound and write, "Ring, ring! I heard the loud bell as I imagined running out to the field to meet my friends for recess." Those types of "hooks" will definitely peek the curiosity of our reading audience.

In Writer's Workshop, we have selected "small moments" to stretch into personal narratives. A personal narrative uses words like I, me, mine and tells a true story in a logical sequence of events.

With Halloween around the corner, we're having some fun writing poetry using consonant blends. Students brainstormed consonant blend words beginning with BL, GL, or SM and transformed them into "Monster Blend Poems". We are publishing and adding illustrations just like real authors!

Key Vocabulary: prediction, realistic fiction, genre, dictionary, multiple meaning words, edit, draft

Marvelous Math!

We are in the middle of Module 2 and are familiarizing ourselves with measuring length. We started using centimeter cubes, paperclips, and have worked our way to using centimeter rulers and meter tapes. We've even had fun measuring the heads, wrists, & necks of buddies in class!

Key Vocabulary: length, longer than, shorter than, mark and measure, estimate, centimeter, meter


"Woo-hoo," everyone cheered, as we visited TINKER Lab. Students worked in small groups to build a NASA buggy. Their challenge was to construct a small vehicle that would hold a plastic egg with ten pennies and a Lego driver. The buggy needed to roll down a ramp and travel a certain distance. Whew! Students designed and negotiated with their team mates on the best approach.

In Science, students worked in small groups to construct their own landforms out of foil and other objects. We observed what happens to ice when placed on the "mountains" and how the melting water travels to other landforms such as rivers, lakes, and oceans.

We also used salt dough to create relief maps (3D maps) representing the topographical shapes of different landforms.

Key Vocabulary: urban, rural, suburb, city, country, map title, map legend, landforms, bodies of water

Calling All Cooks!

We have cooked twice and cooking class is a huge success! We read the book, Cook-A-Doodle-Doo which is a funny story based on The Little Red Hen. We made a delicious strawberry shortcake. Doesn't it look yummy? We've also made a delicious pasta salad. We will cook approximately every other week. Thank you to the Katzke family & Morales family for providing the ingredients. Please check out our classroom wiki if you would like to sign up to bring ingredients in the future.

Key Vocabulary: optional, cup, half 1/2, measure

Upcoming Events & Reminders

  • Week of October 24th - Red Ribbon Week - more specific info coming soon on the daily activities
  • Halloween Parade-October 31st, 8:30 am on blacktop
  • Box Tops - Please send in anytime to help our school raise $$
  • PTA & Foundation - If you haven't had a chance, please consider joining our PTA and donating to our Foundation. They both provide many amazing opportunities to our students for greater learning!!