Viewing The Universe

What is astronomy?..

Astronomy is, the study of all space. The branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole. What value does it have to humans? In Astronomy we can learn a lot about how it keeps us alive, it's also very interesting. We learn about how the earth rotates around the sun and uses the heat and other supplies to keep us alive from dying from cold temperatures. Also using the sun rays to replace electricity helps the environment by using the solar plates to collect the natural energy from the sun to power our material and equipment. In my opinion, the studies of outer space or Astronomy can be very helpful to humans and finding new ways to help us in our everyday life.


  • Describe: characteristics of the universe in terms of time, distance, and organization.
  • Identify: the visible light and nonvisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Compare: refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes.
  • Explain: how telescopes for nonvisible electromagnetic radiation differ from light telescopes.


Electromagnetic Spectrum

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Refracting Telescope and Reflecting Tescope

The study of space, there are special equipment to be able to study the life of outer space. A telescope for example, can be used to learn more and see the things in space. There are two types of telescopes to help study with studying astronomy, A refracting telescope and a reflecting telescope. Though they have many differences, they share similarities. Both are used to gather light and are optical telescopes. Each telescope has its own special features and flaws that make them stand out. The refracting telescope has a clear lens, objects are shaped to bend light. When the light travels through the lens, it focuses. The only problems that this type of telescope has is that it o hard to make a lens large enough to fit the telescope. Also when the red light focuses, it can make the light appear blue. On the other hand the reflecting telescope has a curved mirror to focus. It has two mirrors, so when the light reflects, it reflects to the second mirror. Although it has a large mirror, it has no problem to make a large mirror to fit the telescope, Nor does it affect the quality of the image. Despite the differences, these equipment are very useful to study the life in outer space.