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A Bargain at the Store!!

I have already mentioned in one of my blogs that I am certainly not good at bargaining but my cousin is. Recently, I went to a market to purchase some of her stuff. Well, I generally prefer my cousin standing next to me while shopping but unfortunately this time, she was not available. So, I had to go alone. I went to a market. I asked the shopkeeper to show me some party wear dress for gals. The shopkeeper asked me how old was she? I answered and accordingly he displayed me a casual and party wear dress.

Well he displayed me several dresses but I did not find any dress to be appealing. He said “Don’t worry Sir! We have got more stocks to show you”. He displayed me lovely dresses this time. Well, I was quite impressed to see those. I asked him for the cost. He replied me with a figure. The amount was $30 and it was quite expensive for me. In the meantime while I was thinking, what to do, a lady standing next to me was having somewhat mild cum conflicting conversation with one of the other shopkeepers. The shopkeeper was actually not ready to pack her stuff at the price offered by the lady. The conversation continued for around 10 minutes and finally the lady won over the shopkeeper and she was able to take her item at a reasonable price. Well, I was quite impressed.

Guys do not bargain but yes, ladies do! I always wonder how they do it. I was immensely missing my cousin that particular moment. As I am worse at bargaining, I just asked him to pack the dress at the printed price. But today I am happy that online shopping has been introduced. I am able to buy everything without the tension of bargaining. Stuff ranging from e cigarettes is also available online. Isn’t that surprising? As I am thinking to switch, I have been going through electronic cigarette reviews every now and then.

As per my research, I have many brands that have proved to be superior in comparison to others. Some of the well known names are V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke. I hope I get the best one.