K-04's Classroom Newsletter

September 23, 2013

Last Week in K-04

Last week in K-04, we continued to get to know one another and establish a classroom community. We have launched phonics, reading, writing, and math. So far, we learned the letters b, f, t, m, and n. Ask your student about a word that starts with one of these letters! In science, we started to introduce the five senses.

Welcome to our new student, Henry S.!

This Week in K-04

Look for our published class rules in the classroom. We are hoping to hear some of your hopes and dreams for your student at Curriculum Night.

K-04 is looking forward to visiting the greenhouse next week as a class!

Brooklyn Grange Field Trip

Wednesday, Oct. 9th, 12pm

37-18 Northern Blvd

New York, NY

We will have our first field trip to Brooklyn Grange on October 9th! This is a walking trip so as many parents that are available is appreciated! We have no limit on chaperones. If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail us. Thanks!

Growing Up Green Updates & Reminders

Snack sign up:
We only have 1 snack sign up this week! Please sign up on our snack calendar outside the classroom.

Change of clothes:

There are still a lot of children who do not have a change of clothes. A change of clothes is really helpful for spills and accidents so please bring in an extra set for your child! When you send in a change of clothes, PLEASE make sure you label them (all pieces) so we know who they belong to! Thank you.


Our class has gym Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers on these days!

Family books:

If you have not yet sent in your child's family book, please send this in. Last week, we had several friends and families come in to share their family books!

If your child's family book is not finished, we will have time during school to continue working on these.

If you would like to come in to share the family book with your child, please reach out to Ms. Demato and let her know what days would work best for you. We will try our best to accommodate.

Morning meeting:

Please join us for morning meeting! Parents are welcome to stay in the morning until 8:45 when morning meeting is over. If you decide to stay, please join us in our greetings and activities to become a part of our classroom community.

Check Out Our Class Website: Remember it is still a work in progress.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Demato demato@gugcs.org or Ms. Rome rome@gugcs.org