Incubating with STEM

Donors Choose

Hello all,

I'm trying to raise money for an incubator, light to candle, cage, feeder, waterer, and light to keep the chicks warm. All of these supplies will be stored in our STEM lab and used by our class. Currently my project is on For the next 2 days, DonorsChoose will match ANY donation made to my class. If you have the time and the funds, we would really appreciate a donation. Even $1 will help (because really it will be $2 when DonorsChoose matches it). Please do not feel obligated to donate. To have a donation matched the code EMPOWER will need to be entered.

Link to my project:

Thanks for reading, and thank you so much for donating if you are able to! Also, if you know of someone who might be interested in donating, please feel free to forward this email. Even the smallest bit helps!

Thank you,
Mrs. Burrell