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Welcome to the Newsletter! On this page, we will be keeping family updated with what is going on in the classroom. We will be learning a lot this year and having fun while doing it! This year, we will be learning new sight words, learning to identify numbers and learning word families!

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Every week, I will be giving updates of the classroom, what we have learned, important dates to remember and opportunities for families.

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Weekly Fun: March 23

Monday: Today we will be starting to learn about a new word family, -ly. We will be doing a class activity to support this word family. Family opportunities: Talk to your student about different words that may be in this family and how they already use them in their daily lives.

Tuesday: To welcome Spring, we will be starting a unit on flowers! We will be learning all the different parts of the flower and similarities and differences in plants. Family opportunities: Have your student think about times they were able to explore nature and what they saw. In class, we will be making a book of different places we saw plants.

Wednesday: Wonderful math Wednesday! We will be learning our numbers through 50. Students will bring in 50 things (50 buttons, 50 Legos, 50 Cheerios, 50 Popsicle sticks, etc.). These just need to be small items your student will be able to do activities with! If your student can't find something to bring in, or forgets, there will be classroom items to use!



So Much Noise!

Monday, March 30th, 2pm

1790 Turley Drive

Nashville, TN

So Much Noise is a musical production put on by Jaywood Kindergarten and first grade classes! At this time, Jaywood welcomes students' families and friends to come and watch their student perform!