Come to Jenna's Birthday Party!

It is going to be loads of fun and loads of CAKE!!!!

Jenna's special day is coming soon!

It is Jenna's 13 birthday, and she wants to celebrate with her friends! It is going to be at sky high, so i hope you like trampolines!

Jenna's 13 birthday party!

Saturday, Oct. 25th, 4-6:45pm

601 N Polk St

Pineville, NC

Sky high is a big building full of trampolines! Kids have a lot of fun, and adults too! You can RSVP to or you can call me at 7046352565.


4 to 5pm: playing

5-5:45pm- eating pepperoni and cheese pizza

5:50- 6:15pm- presents and cake

6:15-6:45pm- playing/pick up

Party Plan Co.

We planned our party with the hep form Party Plan Co. They helped us with the location, food, and everything else!