Fifth Grade Flash

May 9-13, 2016

Knight of the Week

Congratulations to these spectacular knights for showing responsibility!

Natalie Cochran

Margo Jackson

Colton Rovira

Saanvi Tyagi


We would like to wish these students a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saanvi Tyagi

Catalina Thompson

The History of Science Unit

We are starting a new unit in science which is about the history of science. We are also making a 'Facebook page' (fake) for a famous scientist.

Outdoor Learning in Science!

World Culture's Day

World Culture's Day is on May 20th, which is next Friday.

On that day, the 5th grade fashion show will be held in the morning.

In preparation for World Culture's Day, the students should bring in popped popcorn for our continent's snack. Please send your popped popcorn to school by Thursday, May 19th. Please make sure your popcorn is popped and in a bag.

Designing Apartments in Math!

ELA Walk Two Moons Quiz

In Mrs. Hardin's class, we have been reading a book called Walk Two Moons. On Monday, we are having a quiz on on the major plot points of the book. We prepared for the quiz today by reviewing in class.

Rockstar Readers!

Historians At Work!

Take a Hike Through Science

Sci May 13

Climbing the Hills of History

May 13 SS

A Birds' Eye View of Math

May 13 Math

Read S'more Books, Write S'more Stories

May 13 ELA

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