Mrs. Lacomis' Class Newsletter

A Look Back At October


-Plurals: add "s" to most words to make them plural

-Word Families: a word pattern/chunk that you know that can help you read and write words. You can add a letter or letter cluster before or after the chunk to make a word (i.e., if you know "an", you know can, spanish, plan)

-We've learned short "a" and short "i" word families including: at, an, ap, ad, ag, in, ip, ish, ick, ig.

-Read alouds included Caps for Sale, In 1492, Thundercake, and Stellaluna.

-Some reading mini lessons used along with these titles: Venn Diagram used for comparing and contrasting, sequencing story events, how characters change throughout a story, using the context of a sentence to figure out the meaning of unknown words.


Unit 2: Writing for Readers

-Conventions of writing

-Easy to Read Writing Checklist (see BEE Binder)

-Examine the difference between readable and unreadable writing

-Strategically spell words in their writing by: stretching out the sounds, using the word wall, and applying word study principles we've learned

-Rereading!! All good writers reread their writing to make sure it sounds right and makes sense

-Appropriate use of punctuation (. ! ?)

-Stretch a story across 3 pages: first sketch a beginning, middle, and end. Next add the words. We've done mini lessons on making sure all of the details from the illustrations are incorporated in the text.

-Rate your Writing Checklist: The children use this rubric during Writers Workshop to rate their own writing. They've been working very hard on 4 star writing! See the below picture.


Unit 2: Geometry

-Build and draw 2-D shapes

-Compose and decompose 2-D shapes

-Filling an outline with more and fewer shapes

-Sorting shapes by rules

-Making a shape poster and categorizing shapes by their attributes

-Comparing and describing shapes (I.e., shapes that have 3 vertices, shapes that have 4 sides)

-New math vocabulary: vertex (corner), vertices (corners), quadrilateral (shape with 4 sides)

-Refer to the following games in the hard cover math book at home: Guess My Rule, Three Towers, Tens Go Fish, Make 10, Five-in-a-Row, Make a Train, Ten Turns

Social Studies

-We've been very busy acting as Park Planners for Irwin Park.

-The children have worked together to brainstorm, design, and create a new playground for the park.

-A couple of weeks ago the children were presented with a problem...litter in the park. They worked in teams to problem solve. Some solutions included garbage cans, recycling bins, security cameras, park rules, no littering signs, and Park Rangers monitoring the park.

-See the video below for our Park Dedication Ceremony with special guest, Ms. Rocco! And what's a ceremony without a bit of drama? The tripod fell but that didn't stop us from a great ceremony!

Irwin Park Dedication Ceremony

Brain Breaks

We take "Brain Breaks" throughout the day. Here are some recent ones. Hysterical!

Brain Break: Freeze Dance
Brain Break Wiggle Dance

Friday Funday

All of our Friday Funday projects this month have been an extension of our class read alouds. Here are some pictures of us in action creating our special projects.

*Caps for Sale-mustaches

*In 1492-Columbus telescopes


New Canaan Fire Department

October was Fire Safety Month. What better way to learn about fire safety than a special visit from the New Canaan Fire Department!


It's been two years but we finally celebrated a South School Halloween! A beautiful day for our parade and trick-or-treating!

Halloween Party


-The children must be dressed appropriately for outdoor recess or they will not be allowed to participate.

-Please send one snack only. The only beverage allowed in the classroom is water.

-Veteran's Day "support the Troops" bags are due. There will be a school wide assembly for Veteran's Day on Monday, November 11th. Please have your child wear red, white, and blue on this day.

-Report cards will be distributed on Wednesday, November 27th. The report card envelope will contain a conference date reminder. Please sign the front of the envelope and return the empty envelope to school.

Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 12:30pm

South School, New Canaan, CT

New Canaan, CT

Wednesday will be an early dismissal at 12:30. School will resume on Monday, December 2nd.