BYOD Complex Learning Activity

Using Edmodo with Multiple Learning Applications

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What is Edmodo? is a resource designed to be used by students and teachers alike. It is almost like a "Facebook" for the classroom. Edmond is one of the largest K-12 networks that allows students to build learning relationships in the classroom as well as allow teachers to more easily collaborate in order to improve students learning outcomes. The application provides multiple services such as "unlimited storage, quickly create groups, assign homework, schedule quizzes, manage progress, and more. With everything on one platform, Edmodo reinforces and enhances what you're already doing in the classroom". One of the great things about is it can be used to link students in the classroom who are using multiple different applications.

Using Edmodo to Link Students Using Multiple Learning Activities Such As:

Flashcard Deluxe, Wiffiti, and iTunes U

Integrating These Learning Activities Into a Lesson Plan Through Edmodo

These three learning applications as well as a countless number of others can be used by students and shared through the edmodo system.

Example Lesson Plan:

A teacher might have their students use iTunes U to listen to an educational podcast that the teacher has linked through Edmodo. After each student has listened to the podcast they would be required to each make study notecards on the material using flashcard deluxe and share there unique flashcards with each other using the sharing utilities in Edmodo. After all the students in the classroom have had ample time to go over their peers study cards, the entire class could use Wiffiti to ask each other questions, give constructive criticism, and general feedback about the podcast.

Such a lesson plan would undoubtedly take multiple days to complete as well as be more suitable for middle school and up due to the multiple different learning applications and activities that are integrated into such a lesson plan.