Welcome to the Wolf Pack

Some Bits and Pieces about LRMS for Our Rising 6th Graders

Welcome Rising Sixth Grade Families!

The Lake Ridge Counseling Team is so excited to welcome fresh faces to the LRMS Wolf Pack! We know these are unusual times-- by now students would have enjoyed a tour of the LRMS building, experienced a presentation with student testimonies about opportunities at our school, and heard all about the clubs and sports that they can participate in as middle schoolers. Doing it all at a distance has presented interesting challenges, but we want to do our very best to get you all of this information and make sure everyone feels welcome at our school come fall.

First of all, we have a great team of counselors that are here to help you navigate middle school. You will definitely have a friend on this journey. Our school has a counseling director, four school counselors, and a fantastic registrar and counseling secretary. We are all here to help answer your questions. Students are assigned to counselors based on the first letter of their last name. You can find your counselor below:

Mr. York: Counseling Director (yorkLD@pwcs.edu)

Ms. Purrier: A-D School Counselor (purrieAL@pwcs.edu)

Ms. Yosca: E-K School Counselor (yoscaKD@pwcs.edu)

Mr. Cata: L-Q School Counselor (cataCJ@pwcs.edu)

Ms. Proctor-Dunn: R-Z School Counselor (proctoKM@pwcs.edu)

Ms. Carroll is our Registrar/Counseling Secretary (carrollML@pwcs.edu)

We have included some helpful information in this newsletter and some details as to what you can look forward to in the coming months. Please reach out to your counselor if you have questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

~The LRMS Counseling Team

Some Very Helpful Resources

How Does Scheduling Work in Middle School?

This is a good question that we are already hearing from parents. Putting together student schedules is like baking a cake.

First, we gather ingredients: at this point, each student has submitted their course requests for encore classes (if you haven't, please reach out to your counselor identified at the beginning of this email) and each fifth grade teacher has submitted recommendations for each student's core classes.

Next, we bake! Right now our counseling director is breaking down how many students we can put into each class, how we can meet student student requests/recommendations as much as possible. Counselors look at how many teachers we have, how many classes they teach, and how many students can go into a class. This part takes some time.

Finally, we frost the cake and make finishing touches: traditionally, we send out notifications to students about core class recommendations and what encore classes they will be taking. We hope to do the same this year, though we are still in the baking stage right now. One thing is for certain, students will have their final schedules by the end of summer!

Do you have questions?

Of course you do! Please feel free to email your students counselor above, or send your questions to Ms. Purrier at purrieal@pwcs.edu. We will make sure your questions get answered!

A Message from LRMS Music Teachers

Hello Future Lake Ridge Middle School Students!

This message is coming to you from the music teachers at Lake Ridge Middle School! Many of you may have already received your “Encore Selection” form from the counselors at LRMS. You may have questions about what music in middle school is like or questions about middle school in general! We are here to help!

We are going to hold a Zoom meeting on Thursday, May 28, at 6:00 p.m. All three of the middle school music teachers will be on this call so you can meet us and ask us any questions you may have. You may join this Zoom call even if you did not sign up for a music class yet! You may want more information before making a final choice. It is not too late to get a music class on your schedule. We would be more than happy to help you get the music class you want!

The information about logging into the Zoom meeting is below.

Topic: LRMS Music Q&A

Time: May 28, 2020 6:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 895 7090 0491

Password: lrmsmusic

The following link will take you to a form where you can submit your information and any questions you have before the Zoom call. Please complete this form before the Zoom call.


If you are unable to join the Zoom call, please reach out to the teacher of your choice with your questions. Our contact information is below. Otherwise, we look forward to meeting you on Thursday!


Mr. Pritt – Band Teacher – PrittAJ@pwcs.edu

Ms. Rabe – Chorus Teacher – RabeMM@pwcs.edu

Ms. VonBernewitz – Orchestra/Strings Teacher – VonBerKA@pwcs.edu