welcome to le whichcraft con

Wizardcon 2015.!

Welcome to the official Witchcraft Meeting, We will pass out witch bucks, if you bring your which costume, be sure to bring a cape along with that and make sure you stay quiet! cause last time we had some complaints about wierd witch sounds coming from a vacant box. We are expecting level 5+ Wizards to come to the VIP Wizard Suite!. And dont forget to bring your witch cards. Gandalf will be guarding the doors, you will haft to bring your wizard passes or YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!

Location: 5883 Wizard Drive, Gandalf PA
Time: 8:00-9:00 (Before i haft to go to sleep)

come now wizards!

Our Happy Wizards

Hi, I'm a local whichcrafter and I am excided about the new whichcraft company! It was very fun last 10 years i went there. Everyone should join! If you want to learn hidden powers and life-hacks!

Whichcraft Con 2015

Tuesday, March 17th, 9:30am

Witchcraft Rd

Salem, MA

Tickets start at $120.00 for new wizards

Tickets start at $7,000 For a VIP Wizard

Tickets start at $600.00 for a Premium Wizard

~ Become a wizard now ~

From Pathos, The Head Wizard (With No LIfe)

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Kids Love Wizard Con Too!

Wizard Con is for all ages and everyone is allowed to come! just pay $120.00 that you got from your mom to move of her basement! and you will be at wizard con 2015!!!! wooot

KIds also love wizard-con