The Egyptians

By: Tina, Stefany and Matrina

Who are the Egyptians?

The Egyptians lived in Ancient Egypt. Their king or queen was called a Pharaoh who would get whatever they want. The Egyptians sacraficed people for their gods and used plants to draw and write symbols called hieroglyphs. Egypts population was 76,117,421 which was last recorded on July, 2004.


The Egyptians lived in Ancient Egypt so "Cairo" was known as their capital city. Egypt was an ancient civilisation which is in Northeastern Africa. This country is now Egypt's modern country. 99% of Egypts population lived by the Bank of the Nile River, although most of them lived in the Nile Valley. Their location covered about 378,000 square miles and it was mostly a religion of Muslims which was 94% and everything else was 6%.

Timeline 100B.C. to 650 A.D.

30A.D. - Cleopatra VII Died by a Snake Bite

31A.D - Battle of Actium

350A.D - The Egyptians stopped using hieroglyphs

600A.D - The Arabs Defeated the Egyptians

Myths & Beliefs

-The Ancient Egyptians believed that some animals such as the bull,cat and the crocodile were holy animals.

-The Egyptians saw death as a transitional stage to a better life in the afterlife,they believed that they could only reach their full pontential.

-When a person dies the priests would recite prayers as a final attempt to receive the deceased.

-The Egyptians also had a temple to consider dwelling places to the gods.

-The Ancient Egyptians also believed that Horus the godess of the sky had the head of a hawk.

-The Egyptians believed in many gods such as Aten, Lord of all, Osiris, King of the dead, and Hapi, Father of the gods.

-The Egyptians also believed that the sun god, Ra created landforms and life when there wasn't anything in Ancient Egypt except for water and land.

- Every time they disobeyed their gods, all the crops would rot, life stock will die, and families will be struck by illness

- Some people believed that there were secret passages and rooms under The Sphinx but nothing has been discovered yet so far.