Skeletal / Joint Functions

Mollee Ronnow

The Five Functions of the Skeletal System


• Provides shape and support


• Enables your body to move


• The vertebrae (backbone) protects your spinal cord

• Protects your organs

• Ribcage- heart, lungs, and liver

• Skull-brain


• Blood Cells- in the bone marrow new blood cells are produced and grown until mature, then are released into the blood stream.


• Stores minerals and other materials your body needs.

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How Each Joint Work

•The ball and socket joint moves in all directions.

•The saddle joint moves back and forth and from side to side.

•The ellipsoid joint moves back and forth and from side to side also.

•The gliding joint slides past each other with limited movement.

•The hinge joint moves back and forth in one direction.

•The pivot joint rotates around another bone.