NCESD All-In On Safety

Provided by the North Central ESD Safety Committee

New Tools Available for Reporting Concerns and Submitting Kudos

SafePersonnel Alert is a new reporting system providing employees four (4) easy options for reporting a concern or recognizing someone (peer, student, school district staff member, a parent, community member, etc.) for making a significant contribution, going the extra mile, or doing something noteworthy.

Reports can be submitted via:

  • The web - using the intranet;
  • Email;
  • Phone - by calling a dedicated report hotline; or
  • By sending a text.

Reporters have the option of remaining anonymous.

A link to SafePersonnel Alert is now located under the "For Staff" tab on the NCESD Intranet site. Several School Districts in our service area have also started using the SafePersonnel Alert system and have added information and links to the new reporting tools to their District's website.

Safety Bulletin Board Receives a Complete Makeover

The Safety Bulletin Board located on the 1st floor directly across from the mailboxes recently received a complete makeover.
New additions to the Safety Bulletin Board include:
  • A flow chart outlining what to do if you have an on-the-job injury; and
  • A flip chart containing information about the location of important safety information and equipment such as the written Accident Prevention Plan (APP), Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), Shelter-in-Place Plan, first aid kits, automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), glass clean-up kits, step ladders, YakTrax, etc., has been added to the Safety Bulletin Board.
  • Information on reporting accidents, close calls or near misses, safety hazards and safety suggestions.

Some of the information contained on the Safety Bulletin Board can also be found in the staff break rooms located on the 2nd and 3rd floor and on the Lower Level above the postage machine.

Availability of New Step Ladders on Each Floor Help Get The Job Done Safer

The NCESD recently purchased several new step ladders to ensure that one is readily accessible on every floor. Step ladders are now located in the following locations:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Floors: In the Mechanical Rooms
  • 4th Floor: In the Storage Room (next to the Laundry Room)
  • Lower Level: In the Cage
  • NCESD West: In the Workroom


It's never safe to stand on chairs, desks, or tables to reach overhead. If you need to reach something overhead, please take time to get a stepladder so you can safely complete the task at hand.

Kits for Cleaning Up Broken Glass

The NCESD has special kits for safely cleaning up broken glass &/or disposing of unwanted glass. The kits contains a small dust pan, cut resistant gloves and tape for picking up tiny shards of broken glass.

Kits are available in the following locations:

  • Main Building: 1st floor mechanical room
  • NCESD West: In the Workroom Safety Cupboard (under sink)

Battery Recycle Containers

Special Battery Recycling Containers are located in the following locations at the NCESD:

  • Lower Level: Next to the mail distribution computer station
  • 1st Floor: By Rosie Martin's cubicle
  • 2nd Floor: By the copier
  • 3rd Floor: In the copy room
  • NCESD West: In the Workroom
  • Refurbishment Center: By the front door

To safely dispose of a used battery (AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, etc.) you should cover the battery posts with a piece of masking, duct, or electrical tape before placing the battery into the battery recycle container.

Scent-Free Practice Helps Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality For Everyone

Scents from personal care products, air fresheners, candles and cleaning products, even in small amounts, can cause allergy and/or asthma problems for sensitive individuals.

In order to ensure a favorable working environment and sense of comfort, health, and well-being for all staff and visitors to the building, the Safety Committee requests that staff support the NCESD's efforts to be a Scent Free Agency by not using room sprays, scented candles, air fresheners or deodorizers inside the building and limiting the use of scented lotions and perfumes.

At Work, Home & Play... Let SAFETY Lead the Way!

North Central ESD Safety Committee

  • Brooke Thomsen, Chairperson
  • Chuck Driver
  • Jason Williams
  • Dina Elam
  • Nadya Bush
  • Winnie Adams