Marilyn Monroe

By: Emma Jones and Hannah Mill

About Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe was origonally born as Norma Jean on June 1st, 1926 in Las Angeles, California. Marilyn was a model who became a popular actress because of her beauty and seductive persona on and off the camera. Marilyn quickly became known as a iconic "sex symbol" and a pretty blonde pop icon. Marilyn played in many movies. She won a Golden Globe award in the movie Some Like it Hot for best actress. She had her first leading role in the movie Ladies of Chorus. Sadly Marilyn died of a mysterious sleeping pill overdoes.

The Impact on the Decade

Marilyn Monroe was someone who was very popular during this time period, so many people, especially women, looked up to her. Since the movie industry portrayed her as a dumb blonde, many women thought this was a cool image to have, but when Marilyn started her own production company to have more serious roles, people saw her motivation to get rid of that title, so it taught them to work for their dreams and to not let anything stand in your way.


"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."-Marilyn Monroe

Connection to Today

Marilyn Monroe was a very famous actress during this time period,and her name is still known today. Although she worked hard toward getting rid of the dumb blonde title she was given. There are still roles in todays movies that portray dumb blondes, White Chicks for example. Since she is still such a well known actress today many actresses aspire to become like her. She has changed the image of actresses which still affects our movie industry today. Our solution to solve this problem of labeling people as dumb blondes is to have roles in movies played by blonde women to be more serious to get rid of the title by showing that not all blondes are dumb.


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