Seth Randell 6th period


Vietnam is a beautiful country with beautiful ,and respectable people. Vietnam is located on the Indochina peninsula. Vietnam is a communist government with a great leader, Nguyen Dac Kien. Vietnam carries the best food in its continent such as Vietnamese cuisine, Banh Bao, and Banh Mi! Vietnam's climate is very controlled during the summers, and winters. Vietnam has a population of 87,840,000. About 86% of Vietnam's population is part of the Ta'y ethnic group! There are many religions in Vietnam but the most practiced religion in Vietnam is Buddhism!

Slogan-Vietnam "Where Everything is Beautiful"

Climate/Geography of Vietnam

The wonderful climate of Vietnam includes a tropical monsoon dominant with northern winds! There is a short transition period with light and variable winds. It has very controlled temperatures between the summers and winters. Vietnam's geography is very mountainous. Vietnam has mountains with peaks reaching up to 8,000 feet.

People and Culture of Vietnam

The people of Vietnam have a variety mix of cultures, languages, and historical backgrounds. The Vietnamese are very friendly and usually greet people with heartwarming smiles. Most of the population of Vietnam belong to the Ta'y ethnic group. There is about a population of 87,840,000 people in Vietnam.
The culture of Vietnam is very vast ,and unique! Vietnam's agriculture is known to be the oldest in East Asia. Vietnam had one its independence in the 10th century from China. Vietnam had been influenced by Europe this is the reason it had spread Catholicism through Vietnam.

Government and Citizenship

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is an Anti-Dictatorship therefore Vietnam is a communist government. Our great communist leader is Nguyen Dac Kien. The government is directed by the Vietnamese Communist Party. All of our government key positions are filled by our party memebers.

We dont have as many human rights as the Americans but however we do have the right to have Freedom of Speech. We can critize the government but except the rule of the communist party. There is only equal rights for those who are a Vietnamese citizen.


The country of Vietnam is a developing plan economy and a free market economy since the mid 1980s until today. Vietnam had shifted from a highly planned economy to a socialist oriented market economy which both have five year plans.Vietnam is one of the top leading countries in agriculture in Southeast Asia.

In 2011 our GPD (Gross Domestic Product) had reached $121.6. According to a forecast in December 2005 Vietnam will be the 35th largest economy in the world. According to a forecast in 2008 Vietnam may have the fastest merging economies by the year of 2025.