Derek Jeter

A Biography By: Clayton Ogrodowicz

Basic Informmation

Derek Jeter is a really good and famous baseball player. He played for the New York Yankees and won for world series.

Early Childhood

He was born on June 26, 1974 in New Jersey

Impact on society

His impact on society is when he was younger he made some mistakes. But now that he is older and has a lot of money he goes around and tells kids to make right choices and to be good. He also made this organization were he promotes healthy lifestyles to young kids its called the Turn 2 Foundation.

Events that shaped his life

What made Derek Jeter become famous and awesome because of his last years in high school he was a beast he batted over .500 and only struck out once in his senior year. Also did awesome in the minor league.


Derek Jeter played baseball in the Major League. How he go there he had to practice every open second he had also a big part of him making it to the big league is he loved to game.

Overcoming Obstacles

One obstacle he had to overcome was he was an addict. So before he could play baseball he had to go to rehab.

Why I chose this person

I chose Derek Jeter because he is my inspiration when i go and play baseball. Mainly because he has the same jersey number as me.

Interesting facts

An interesting fact about him is He was the sixth overall pick in the draft. He retired this year.

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