Romeo and Juliet Code

By: Phoebe Stone


Flissy age 11 is going through a rough time separated from her parents and she doesn't know why. Flissy has to leave Europe, during World War II, before she and her family gets hurt by dropped bombs. She is left alone with family members she doesn't even know, Aunt Miami, Uncle Gideon, Derck, and her grandma. Flissy is now meeting them for the first time. She is in a big house that seems in lock down. New school, new place, new people; she is only left with her stuffed bear Wink. Now, Flissy is trying to figure out a code with a guy she just met, she knows is wrong, but now she is secretly falling in love.


I think the theme of this book is never give up. Flissy and Dreck never gave up on trying to slove the code. No matter how hard it got. Aunt Miami never gave up on her role of Juliet. Even though see did not have a Romeo.

Historical Event

In World War II there where several individuals that risked their life for saving Jews. They messaged back in fourth in codes trying not to get caught while saving hundreds maybe thousands of people. There are many different ways people could communicate in code. Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat, spent 18-20 hours a day on saving these Jews. He did whatever he could do to keep them safe.

How the author portrayed it in The Romeo and Juliet Code

The author in my book portrayed the historical invent correctly in my book. There where two people messaging back and fourth in code from a phrase in a book. Helping each other all the way. Sending money, contacting people doing what ever they can to keep the Jews safe. Trying to do it in secert even from there own daughter. I think that shows that my author knows the book well. She did just not make things up.


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