Julius Caesar



Julius caesar is brought to the senate house, where he is asked by Metellus if his brothers banishment can be revoked. He persistently resists and ends up being stabbed by all the senators. When brutus stabs caesar, caesar says "Et Tu Brute, Then fall caesar".


Afterwards the senators decide that Marc Antony, one of caesar last loyal followers. Should be let into the "Squad". Little do they know that where his loyalties still lie.


Brutus then goes to the senate steps and prepares a speech for the Plebeians(Common People). He goes on to tell them that caesar was a honorable but ambitious man. He then tells them that they are not allowed to leave until Marc Antony finishes his funeral speech.

A Betrayer that doesn't betray?

Marc Antony then steps up and goes to compliment caesars life. He goes to tell the crowd events in which caesar wasn't ambitious, leading up to him making brutus seem dishonorable.