Unity In A Nutshell

Beginners Edition

What Is Unity?

Unity is a game making engine software which develops video games for over 30 various platforms such as PC, Xbox One, PS4 and IOS. It provides the services of: coding scripts, digital asset design and graphic design all in one place in a simple layout.

How come I've Never heard about it until now?

Unity is a "under the hood" software which means that even tho you don't notice it straight away it is still there and key part of it as well. Some popular games that you probably didn't know Unity had developed include Crossy Road, Smashy Road and Temple Run.

Coding Scripts

unity offers a small selection of standard coding scripts which include C# (c sharp) and JavaScript. Some of you may be wondering why HTML5 and Python were not included in that list and the reason is simple. To create mechanics in a game that can change with different variables you need a script that can change independently to accommodate for changes. Languages such as HTML5 require precise information which doesn't change for different variables. It is possible to include HTML5 in your game via a third party software but it is not as advanced as the mechanics of C# and JavaScript.

Unity 2D

Unity 2D is simply as the name may suggest a 2D Unity game. Some would argue that these 2D projects aren't as complex as Unity 3D games but it really depends on your skills and the sophistication of your project.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is the game engine software which develops 3 dimensional games. The mechanics behind these games is by default a harder project with more information fields to create and fill out like box colliders and advanced physics.

How Long does it take to make a game?

To make a game is like asking how long a piece of string is. Its really impossible to look at a game and estimate on the spot how long it will take to make. All that is evident is that no matter how simple the project might seem on paper it will take much longer then you except even if you have the necessary experience and skills.