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Casa Grande Union High School District | September 2022

CNN Interviews Stacy Brady, Science Teacher

CNN recently visited Casa Grande Union High School reporting on the nationwide teacher shortage. Jennifer Kortsen, Public Relations Officer (PRO), spoke with them about the difficulty of being able to find teachers for the five (5) open positions we have in the district. It is more stressful and challenging for teachers now more than ever. Stacy Brady invited them into her classroom to show how she is dealing with class sizes averaging 72 students by using two (2) Inspiring Excellence Coaches. The strategies we have implemented do not replace our ideal classroom, which is to have all our classes level, capped, and filled with teachers. It is important we acknowledge all teachers who have stepped up and given their prep time to support classes that may not have had a teacher otherwise. View the CNN report and video at

[L-R] Stacy Brady (CGUHS Science Teacher), Gabe Cohen (CNN Correspondent), Jennifer Kortsen (CGUHSD Public Relations Officer), and unidentified camera man

Pictured above [L-R]: Stacy Brady (CGUHS Science Teacher), Gabe Cohen (CNN Correspondent), Jennifer Kortsen (CGUHSD Public Relations Officer), and Josh Replogle (Journalist). Pictured below: Stacy Brady at her desk.

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Battle Spotlight

Teacher of the Month: Making a Difference

A few qualities that are incorporated in exceptional teachers include, but not limited to, organizational skills, love of their job, humility, resilience, and love of challenge. The opportunities for student success are vast. It is important that we provide students access to quality teachers & staff, quality instructional strategies, quality facilities, love, support, and guidance. These are the teachers who are making a difference in our school district.

Stacy Brady graduated from the University of Arizona with her bachelor’s degree in microbiology and immunology. She had planned to become a doctor but her childhood dream of becoming a teacher moved her to get her teaching credentials from Northern Arizona University. In 2000, Stacy was hired as a first-year teacher at Casa Grande Union High School as a chemistry teacher. Over the past 22 years, Stacy has taught Chemistry, Biology, Honors Biology I & II, Pre-Ap Biology, Meteorology, and Investigative Science. Stacy took a break from classroom teaching from 2007-2010 and was selected as 1 of 2 instructional coaches for CGUHSD. Stacy has been the Science Department chair at CGUHS since 2016 and has served on the curriculum cadre since 2015. She is also the Student Council advisor and Senior Class advisor. Most recently, Stacy completed the Modern Classroom Project mentorship program and is currently implementing this style of teaching in her classroom. Mrs. Brady, with her wisdom and servitude, has stepped up to help develop strategies and solutions for the shortage of science teachers. She has shown stamina, purpose, and love for what she does. We appreciate her dedication to our students.

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CTE Student of the Month

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Over 1,600 students are enrolled in thirteen (13) CTE programs throughout the Casa Grande Union High School District (CGUHSD). Each month, a different CTE program nominates a deserving student for this honor.

Agriscience: Emma Annala

Emma Annala of Casa Grande Union High School (CGUHS) was recognized Tuesday, September 6, as the Casa Grande Union High School District’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) Student of the Month at the district’s Governing Board meeting. Emma was nominated by her CTE Agriscience teacher, Mr. Casey Farnsworth. “Ms. Emma Annala is a CGUHS 10th grade student, first-year Agriscience student, and member of the Casa Grande FFA. Emma brings her enthusiasm and excitement for life to class each day and you can always count on her greeting you with a smile! She is one who can be trusted and has a great work ethic. I can always count on her to get things done as she strives to do her best and takes pride in her work. Emma is currently serving as a student intern for our program's Cougar Country Market which she has also developed this experience as her SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) work-based learning project. Emma is very active in the FFA, attends FFA chapter meetings, and is currently participating on the Entomology CDE (Career Development Event) team where her team is hoping to win at the state level at this year's Arizona FFA Spring Conference. She is a straight A student who excels in all she does, very polite, respectful, and works well with her classmates. Emma is a well-rounded student who also is a part of varsity Cheer. She is an exemplary student who we are very fortunate to have at CGUHS and as part of our Agriscience/FFA program!” Emma’s parents are Tylor and Bridgette Annala of Casa Grande, Arizona. Over 1,600 students are enrolled in thirteen different Career & Technical Education programs throughout the Casa Grande Union High School District. Each month, a different CTE program nominates a deserving student for this honor. Click here for more information about the CGUHS CTE program.

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Rotary Students of the Month

Rotary Club of Casa Grande

During the months of September through May, two high school students are selected by the school’s administration based on each student's academic standing, extracurricular activities, community involvement, leadership, and service to others.

Past Rotary Students of the Month > CGUHS

Past Rotary Students of the Month > VGHS

CGUHS: Kyan Demarest

Kyan Demarest of Casa Grande Union High School (CGUHS) was recognized Tuesday, September 6, as the Casa Grande Union High School District’s CGUHS Rotary Club of Casa Grande Student of the Month during the district’s Governing Board meeting. Kyan's accomplishments and activities include CAVIT classes, CAC classes, AP classes, honor classes, summer school, employment, tennis, and cross country. He plans to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato, and pursue a dental degree to become an oral surgeon. Kyan's mother is Lisa Demarest.

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VGHS: Anika Gates

Anika Gates of Vista Grande High School (VGHS) was recognized Tuesday, September 6, as the Casa Grande Union High School District’s VGHS Rotary Club of Casa Grande Student of the Month during the district’s Governing Board meeting. Anika was recognized for her accomplishments and activities: 4.2 GPA, Student Council Student Body President, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Key Club, Link Crew, National Honor Society, SAAC, softball, and volunteer. She plans to attend an in-state university and is exploring the dental or veterinarian fields. Anika’s parents are Brent & Heidy Gates.

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Governor’s Youth Commission

CGUHS’s Dylan Staples (SO) was recently selected to the Arizona Governor's Youth Commission (GYC). The GYC is a diverse body of Arizona high school students from across the state. Commissioners work to identify and address the greatest challenges facing Arizona’s youth through innovative community impact projects, establishing partnerships with young leaders across the state, and advising the Governor. They are selected based on their demonstrated commitment to school and community, and their demonstrated oral and written ability to communicate through the application process. Learn more at Additionally, Dylan has worked with Arizona Department of Health Services to create a PSA on bullying prevention. Watch the video at

FFA National Chapter Award

The Casa Grande FFA Chapter was one of six chapters in Arizona that received a National Chapter Award of a three-star rating (highest rating available). Nationally, 416 of 8,817 FFA chapters received such a rating. The designation places the local chapter in the top 4.7% in the national FFA organization. The Cougars are advised by Mr. Farnsworth.

FFA Interviews

On Wednesday, August 9, the Casa Grande FFA Chapter held the program’s facility manager interviews. Facility managers work with our agriculture students to make sure they are supported and have a positive learning experience. They also work with our students to keep our facilities, equipment, and projects maintained and working like they should. The Cougars are advised by Mr. Farnsworth.

DCI World Championship Finals

CGUHS band students, alumni, and staff members performed at the Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, on August 11-13: [Pictured L-R] Dan Hoffman, Andy Lopez (2022 CGUHS graduate), Jayme Dee (2021 CGUHS graduate), Aracelly Ortiz (current CGUHS senior), Aiden Osborn (current CGUHS sophomore), and Sierra Rogers (2014 CGUHS graduate). For more information about DCI, visit The Cougars are instructed by Mr. Hebda.

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Student Council

Eleven (11) VGHS Student Council members spent about four (4) hours of their morning on Saturday, August 6, volunteering at the St. Vincent de Paul Society Thrift Store in downtown Casa Grande. Their goal, for this calendar year, is to have at least 1,500 hours of community service. Currently, they are at 970 volunteer hours. The Spartans are advised by Nathan Scheeler, social studies teacher.

Key Club Sponsors Blood Drive

Key Club hosted a blood drive at VGHS on Tuesday, August 23. There were 57 donors registered and 40 successful donations completed. Over 120 lives will be impacted. Thank you to all who contributed. The Spartans are advised by Ms. Mia Khan.

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Club Rush

CGUHS Club Rush Week was held August 8-12. Student Council organized a special week-long activity during lunch so students could learn about some of the many clubs available on campus. Choose a club today!

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Football Field/Parking Lot Cleanup

On Saturday, September 3, members of the National Honor Society (Sponsor-Kim Batina), Art Club (Sponsor-Adam Hardy) and Coach Smith (Head Coach-Girls Basketball) were up early to pick up trash around the football field and parking lot after CGUHS’s first win of the Football season. They collected lots of trash and worked very hard!

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Freshman Dance

VGHS held their Freshman Dance on Friday, August 12. The Freshman Class is sponsored by Clarisse Macaraig, English teacher.

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Pep Assembly

VGHS held a Pep Assembly on Friday, August 19, to kick off fall sports. Visit each sport’s webpage at
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Software & App Design

CGUHS CTE Software & App Design students presented their first research project of the semester. For this project, students chose a specific career or other area of society that has been revolutionized by a specific piece of technology, in the modern day or historically. Their research was to address the following questions: “What was the technology? How did it change the way people live and work? What was the standard before this technology? What was the standard afterwards? Do you think these changes were all positive? Who might not have benefitted from this change?” The requirements of the project were to research their chosen topic, using at least three different sources; write at least two paragraphs summarizing their findings; and to provide a list of sources they used as reference (MLA citation). Finally, students orally presented their findings to the class, using one PowerPoint slide they had prepared as a reference. The goal of the presentation was not only to share what they had learned, but also why it was interesting. The Cougars are instructed by Mr. Morris.

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Engineering I

Students in CGUHS CTE Engineering I course are in their 5th week of learning to use industry standard 3D modeling software, SolidWorks. To date, students have learned parametric modeling fundamentals, constructive solid geometry concepts, and geometric relations fundamentals. This course is the first step in the four-year long CTE Engineering course of study. At the end of this semester, the students will test for the Certified SolidWorks Associate professional certification. This four-hour long certification examination in mechanical design allows the students to demonstrate that they possess the cutting-edge skills and expertise in 3D modeling design that businesses seek out and reward. The students are also learning the communication and collaboration skills expected of our engineering students as well as technical reading and technical writing skills. The Cougars are instructed by Mr. Morris.

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College Mathematics

Mr. Lucasia’s College Mathematics classes took part in an engaging activity this week. The purpose was to recognize a pattern, as the lesson for the day was problem solving using patterns and relationships. Senior students were assigned the task in groups of 4’s and/or 3’s. In three minutes, or until the music ended, they were to orderly highlight as many of the numbers 1-100 as possible. After Round 1, they were asked to look at the results of their highlighted numbers. Then, Round 2 took place with the same task. The goal was to increase their highlighted number from Round 1. Some noticed the pattern and planned their strategy for the second round, while others swapped chairs and switched positions. They even requested a third round because they had so much fun playing the game! According to Mr. Lucasia, “I've never seen my students so engaged and active as they were that day. Some said they've never had a math class as fascinating as this!"
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Physical Science

During the second week of August, Mr. Santos’ Physical Science classes conducted a team-building activity. In this activity, the main goal was to establish strong team building, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. By following the STEM model, building the tallest free-standing structure with marshmallow on the top, the students experienced a hands-on activity in which they worked together in solving a problem. At the same time, the students were able to showcase their effectivity in performing their respective role.

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Anatomy & Physiology

During the second week of August, Ms. Perez’ Anatomy & Physiology students were given an unknown patient urine sample (made by the teacher) and conducted seven (7) tests to gather results.


Ms. Rosie Perez’s Biology students created their 3-D Biomolecules Project which emphasized the main aspects of each major biomolecule in nature: carbohydrates, nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids.

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Investigative Science

During the 1st week of classes, Ms. Tumanda conducted and facilitated the STEM challenge activity called "The Marshmallow Challenge" to CGUHS Investigative Science students. The activity was designed to promote teamwork and camaraderie. The students showcased their knowledge by applying good design techniques to achieve the goal of building a strong and tall freestanding structure. It brought the students closer to their peers through brainstorming and by working together. Ms. Tumanda had this to say, “Activities such as these really entice and engage students to be proactive because aside from learning, they are enjoying, which should be, because learning should be fun.”

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English 10

During the 2nd week of class, Mr. Guillen engaged his CGUHS English 10 class in an activity called "WRITE FOR ME!", one of the collaborative activities he utilized for the topic, AHA moment signpost. In this activity, students formed a big circle. Students wrote good things they had observed from their classmates since the beginning of the class. They were only given 15 seconds to write on the paper. After 15 seconds, students passed their paper in a clockwise manner. Passing of papers stopped after students received back their own paper. After the activity, students were asked to share their insights in regard to the positive comments they received from their classmates. Some students shared that they were not aware of some of the good comments they received from their classmates, which is a big AHA moment to them.

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English 10

During the 5th week of CGUHS English 10 classes, Mr. Guillen carried out the activity entitled "What's Your Best Moments With Me In School?" for the topic "Memory Moment Signpost". In this activity, students were asked to write the most memorable moments they had with their classmates. The first task was to place a paper on their back. Then, Mr. Guillen asked students to go and write notes on those papers to their classmates whom they have shared best moments in school. After the activity, Mr. Guillen noticed the smiles on their faces and shared insights about the importance of camaraderie.

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Spartans Love to Read

Congratulations to Mrs. Weddle who had her “Spartans Love to Read” project funded through DonorsChoose. Thanks to the donor, Mrs. Weddle’s 10th Grade English classes will have beanbag chairs, art supplies, books, and a wall map to create a positive reading environment that is welcoming, interesting, and fun. The bean bag chairs will be used to create a reading corner in the classroom, books available for students to check out, and art supplies and incentives used for projects and motivation.

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Amazing Sensory Awareness

Congratulations to Ms. Aguayo who had her “Amazing Sensory Awareness” project funded through DonorsChoose. Thanks to the donors, Ms. Aguayo’s classroom will include supplies to expose her students with multiple disabilities to sensory awareness. With physical assistance from staff, her students can do hand-over-hand art activities using markers and construction paper. The radio will be connected to a cause-and-effect switch so students can be in control of listening to music. The parachute and balls will be used during Adaptive PE or just for fun times. During anxiety, students can use the vibrating pillows to calm them. The oral chew sticks will help keep fingers out of their mouth.

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Student Council Spirit Supplies

Congratulations to Mr. Scheeler who had his “Student Council Spirit Supplies” project funded through DonorsChoose. Thanks to the donor, the Student Council now has 200 poster boards, 240 paint markers, and 8 rolls (280 yards worth) of tape to use to advertise all the wonderful events happening at the school and promote spirit at those events.

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APS Supply My Class

Congratulations to Mr. Woodard, PE/Health teacher, for winning a $500 gift card from the APS Supply My Class contest. Thank you, Richard Rosales (APS), for helping us surprise him.

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1st Swim Meet

On Thursday, September 1, the CGUHS Swim Team competed against Tucson High School and Rincon University High School. Boys Results: Clayton Wright (SR) 1st-100 IM & 3rd-100 Backstroke; Wyatt Estenson (FR) 3rd-100 Free & 4th-100 Breaststroke; and 200 Free Relay Team [Clayton Wright (SR), Wyatt Estenson (FR), Jacob Hatzenbilhler (SO), & Jose Inzumza (SO)] 3rd. Girls Results: Cadence Kahn (SR) 3rd-100 Backstroke; Brooklyn Lopez (SR) 3rd-50 Free & 4th-100 Free; Chloe Gorge (JR) 4th-50 Free & 5th-100 Free; and 200 Free Relay Team [Brooklyn Lopez (SR), Chloe Gorge (JR), Cadence Kahn (SR), & Valia Kaliotzakis (SR)] 3rd. Many other swimmers achieved personal bests during the swim meet. The Cougars are coached by Kim Batina and Kori Batina.

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Mock Swim Meet

On Wednesday, August 24, the CGUHS Swim Team held a mock swim meet at the city pool. The swimmers did very well considering most had never been to a swim meet before. Some standouts were in the 100 Freestyle with Seth Kelly (FR) (59.96) and Brooklyn Lopez (SR) (1:16.35). The surprise of the day was also in the 100 Freestyle with beginner Chloe Gorge (JR) (1:17.21) as she just started swimming this month. The Cougars are led by team captains Valia Kaliotzakis (SR), Brooklyn Lopez (SR), and Clayton Wright (SR), and coached by Kim Batina and Kori Batina.

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Moment of Silence Law

Top 10 Questions Surrounding Arizona's

Moment of Silence Law

House Bill 2707 amending A.R.S. § 15-506

By Jennifer MacLennan and Brittany Reed, Gust Rosenfeld PLC

The new Arizona Moment of Silence law requires all K-12 public schools to set aside one to two minutes at the beginning of every school day for a moment of silent reflection. Students are prohibited from interfering with other students' participation in the moment of silence. All school personnel are prohibited from suggesting the content of the reflection. However, teachers are required to encourage parents to discuss with their children how to use the moment of silence. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions for House Bill 2707:

1: Q: What law did House Bill 2707 amend?

A: It amended Arizona Revised Statute section 15-506 by adding subsection (A)(6).

2. Q: When does this law go into effect?

A: September 24, 2022

3. Q: What is the exact language for the new moment of silence law, A.R.S. § 15-506(A)(6)?

A. School districts and charter schools shall:

6. For kindergarten programs and grades one through twelve, set aside at least one minute but not more than two minutes at the beginning of each school day for students to engage in a moment of silence during which students may not interfere with other students' participation. A teacher or other school employee may not suggest the nature of any reflection in which a student may engage during the moment of silence. Each teacher of a class in which a moment of silence occurs pursuant to this paragraph shall encourage parents of students in the class to discuss with their children how to best use the moment of silence required by this paragraph.

4. Q: When should the moment of silence occur?

A: At the very beginning of every single school day, prior to classroom instruction.

5. Q: How long is the moment of silence?

A: It must be for longer than one minute and less than two minutes.

6. Q: The law prohibits student(s) from interfering with other student(s) participation in the moment of silence. What does "interfering" mean?

A: The law does not define what student's "interfering" means. It could include both verbal and non-verbal activities, such as:

  • Speaking
  • Making auditory sounds (humming, chanting, singing, laughing, etc.)
  • Touching or poking
  • Throwing items
  • Passing notes
  • Using electronic devices
  • Excessive movement
  • Ridiculing, bullying, or otherwise trying to embarrass a student for participating in the moment of silence
  • Holding up signs that disparage the moment of silence during the moment of silence
  • Waving a flag
  • Playing music

Examples of verbal and non-verbal activities that likely are not "interfering" include:

  • Sitting cross-legged on the ground
  • Using their hands for prayer
  • Telling other students what they contemplated or what they will be contemplating (if the content of their speech is appropriate)
  • Telling other students they will not be contemplating anything during the moment of silence
  • Silently writing or reading during the moment of silence
  • Closing eyes the entire time
  • Looking at or watching other students participate in the moment of silence

7. Q: What should we do if a student interferes with another student's participation in the moment of silence?

A: Your school employees should immediately attempt to end the interference, either through a short verbal or non-verbal cue. If the interference is purposeful or repetitive, the student should be removed from the classroom and referred to administration for possible disciplinary action.

We do not suggest pausing or restarting the time for the moment of silence if there is an interference.

(**NOTE: student's accommodations in their 504 Plan or IEP must continue to be adhered to during the moment of silence. If you are concerned that an accommodation may result in, or has resulted in, an "interference" please address your concerns in writing with the director of special education or their assignee.)

8. Q: What topics can be reflected upon during the moment of silence?

A: Topics for the moment of silence must be left solely to the student and their parent(s). Your school employees are expressly prohibited by the law from suggesting content for the moment of silence.

9. Q: What does it mean that your employees are prohibited from "suggesting" topics for the moment of silence?

A: The law is silent on what "suggesting" means. "Suggesting" could include both verbal and non-verbal actions.

Possible examples of "suggesting" topics:

  • Expressing a positive or negative reaction after a student tells you they will be contemplating a certain topic
  • Telling students what you will be contemplating
  • Asking students what they will be contemplating or what they have contemplated
  • Requiring students to decide on a topic to contemplate or demand that they contemplate anything during the moment of silence
  • Providing possible topics, even if expressly asked by a student
  • Playing music
  • Using props (rolling out a rug, using rosary, putting on specific attire, pulling out a Bible)
  • Putting up signs or flags that would suggest a particular topic if the items are only displayed right before, during or after the moment of silence
  • Assigning work related to the moment of silence

The following are verbal or non-verbal actions that are likely not "suggesting" topics:

  • Using the moment of silence to reflect upon a topic of your choosing
  • Writing or reading during the moment of silence
  • Encouraging student to discuss the moment of silence with their parents
  • Sitting cross-legged on the ground
  • Folding your hands in prayer or placing them palms together
  • Standing with hands behind your back
  • Not contemplating anything during the moment of silence
  • Attempting to stop a student from interfering with another student's participation in the motion of silence

10. Q: How and when do I communicate the moment of silence with parents?

A: The law requires you to encourage parents of students in your class to discuss with their children how to best use the moment of silence. If you need assistance or have questions regarding encouraging parents to discuss the moment of silence with their students, please reach out to your counsel.

The information contained herein is intended for general information purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion on any particular facts or circumstances. Readers are urged to consult with an attorney with legal questions concerning specific factual circumstances.

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Since 1947, the Voice of Democracy has been the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ (VFW’s) premier scholarship program. Each year, nearly 80,000 high school students compete for more than $2 million in scholarships and incentives. Students compete by writing and recording an audio essay on an annual patriotic theme. This year’s theme is, “Why Is The Veteran Important?” The Voice of Democracy is open to students in grades 9-12 by the October 31, 2022, deadline who are enrolled in a public private or parochial high school or home study program in the United States, its territories and possessions; or dependents of U.S. military or civilian personnel in overseas schools.

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