Is your ticket to heaven a scam?

Haley Fulghum

Church to Blame

Buy your ticket to heaven? Does that really sound like the holy way? The church has been selling you indulgences, your literally butting your way into the church. God said that belief in him would bring you to your own salvation not paying your way in. The church is lying to you, they say that only by worshipping them is that the way, only their word and ways are correct.

You must understand that this isn't correct way to live. With every discovery the church shoots it down, if their is anyway it would harm them then its not acceptable. Look to the ways in which they rule over you, deciding who is right and who is wrong. They control the word and use the word to control you. The churches wealth has grown so much that it controls so much of civilization its like our own personal undefined king.

To study and serve christ was a divine right given to us by the God himself and yet the church says they can decide who can go to heaven and who cant, who can pray at their churches, participate in their survives, and who can worship the lord, should that be our choice. Its our right to serve god in the ways he said, the preaching he gave to us to. We shouldn't have to live in fear that if we cant get enough money that we wont make it to heaven. Indulgences Indulgences


The main problem we have is the church trying to tell you that your can buy your way into the holy land. Do you think they are really "selling" you your "ticket to the kingdom." If you do, then do you believe they they are really doing this for you benefit. Lets start with the first point that the church had made you believe they have your ticket to heaven. The lord says that your salvation is only reached through serving him and doing deeds to show your belief in him.

Also look at the wealth of the church. Do you believe that they are selling you tickets for your benefit? It is wealth that they are looking for. Money and wealth seems is all that the church is interested in now. They tax you to service in them, they tax you to be apart of them, and now they are making you pay to go to heaven. The bottoms truth is that they only want money, they want to further themselves and their church not you, they know this but as long as the money is coming in then they wont tell you.

End this madness! FInd true salvation, for free! Join the Protestants!