By: Hailey Kuchta


In 1977 Netflix was started by Reed hasting in scotts valley, CA

He got another movie business to help him and moved into a store like malls to get a good business. Reed hasting created it because a blockbuster charged him a $40 late fee so he got the idea from that.So then people can just pay a little for lots of movies at once and not a really big fee for something small.


They didn't have the right technology to give people more options for people to watch also it was like an actually DVD that they would send you in your mail.

The first thing to change would have to be not sending movies to people they put it where everyone could access the movies in easy way that was the most biggest change they had during their process . In 2016 it’s more improved like it’s in places like tv’s and internet also mobile devices/apps. It’s better now because people have discovered it and the company had made more money.

specific person: Reed Hasting

Reed Hastings was born on October 8,1960 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is currently 55 in his age. He graduated from Stanford university. He studied math but he got an interest into technology so he went into that instead of math. Also Netflix was actually created in Stanford but was published and put out there in Scott valley, CA.

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product: Popular Product

The most popular product is the kids netflix Because little kids have too much movies and all but they can be stored with little shows and movies for little kids than having lots of them.Also there is more varieties of little kids shows and movies.

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