Lincoln's Assassination News!

By: Will, Rajae, Olivia, Aleksey, and Teylah

Lincoln's assassination occurred because circumstances allowed it to happen!

Abe Lincoln was well known for his relationship with the public. According to Elizabeth Keckley, he went out for a speech, with a light around him making him stand out. He had no fears about getting shot, yet he was a perfect target. He also had around 17 speeches to the public, showing that he was always involved with the public, making him vulnerable. He also had low security. John Parker, Lincoln's only guard, left his post to go to a saloon! This is crazy because he had no bodyguards when he was murdered, so nobody could stop a murder. Also, the White House could be entered by anybody, proving that there was barely any security for Lincoln.

Counter Claim


Many believed that Lincoln didn't go out in public very often, but actually he went out a lot for a President. He was also allowed to walk around to other buildings in DC without any protection. He had no protection, allowing him to be killed at any time. So, Lincoln was killed from circumstances.