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Making claim's on article's

Neil Armstrong

Claim; Based on the article i think Neil was a really smart person.

The author states on paragraph 3 lines 1-5 that "In 1947, Armstrong entered Purdue University in Indiana. There, he studied aircraft engineering. Two years later, Armstrong's education was put on hold. The young pilot was called to serve in the Korean War. Between 1949 and 1952, Armstrong served as a pilot for the Navy. After his service ended, Armstrong returned to Purdue. He graduated in 1955."

Facts about Neil Armstrong

Fact 1; Neil first went on a plane when he was six years old.

Fact 2; Neil learned to fly a plane at the age of 16.

Fact 3; He was a pilot for the navy for a few years.

Fact 4; Armstrong graduated Purdue collage in 1955.

Fact 5; He died in 2012.

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