Polar Bears

Our marine mammals

My amazing animal

Polar bears are great animals that are known to live north of the arctic circle and also are found in a lot of northern islands. These bears have big flattened feet and webbing between their toes that help them walk on ice and swim. They are about 7 to 8 feet long and males can weigh about 1,700 pounds, females about 1,000 pounds. Polar bears are meat eaters and the main thing they eat is seals. They are the largest carnivores that live on land.They live up to 25 to 30 years. An interesting fact about polar bears are that they have black skin even though their fur looks white, it actually is transparent. You mostly see polar bears walking on ice(land), and swimming between ice islands. This species is endangered because it could be going extinct because of global warming.That's causing them to lose their habitats(the sea ice). Rising temperatures in the oceans is causing for sea ice to melt and it gives polar bears no time to hunt. Polar bears are endangered worldwide,these marine mammals can only survive in places where oceans freeze and where they can hunt for seals. Increasing amount of open water between the shore and sea makes longer swims for polar bears. A lot of cubs and adult polar bears have died because of these extra long swims. Oil spills and other pollutant problems that have been prevented by frozen ice has now came into polar bear habitat. To help our furry friends stay alive ,we should take action by reducing our carbon emissions and the will help with our global warming problem. Donating and participating in reducing carbon pollutant projects, that will help with the oil spill problems.