Wanted, Krypton

Help us find this on the loose element


Scottish chemist William Ramsay and his assistant English chemist Morris Travers discovered krypton in 1898 in London. Krypton is an odorless, colorless gas, so its hard to find. Ramsay had previously discovered Helium and argon and He was aware that more new elements must lie in the same group of the periodic table. Then he found krypton, help us search for it.

Wanted for?

Krypton has been lighting up plenty of light bulbs and has been getting out of control. Krypton has also been flashing airport runway lights. Krypton has been filling up gas for energy-saving fluorescent lights and as an inert filling gas in incandescent bulbs. Krypton can be used by astronomers to measure how much nucleosynthesis has taken place in any region of interstellar space. So if your an astronomer you can help us the most.

Frequently asked questions.

Another name for krypton is Neon. So there could be a chance krypton is right next to you. Krypton is not harmful so don't worry. krypton can be used for beneficial stuff also. It can sense secret nuclear weapons around.

We are JailBusters.

Our name is JailBusters we've been tracking down krypton for years and we think we finally got it with your help. We want to thank you for your help and we appreciate your efforts.


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