Color Days in TK

Please join in with the "celebration"

This just in....

The Kindergarteners have sent a note to Ms. LaGory-- TK has been invited to join in the fun. Let's get to work!

(not mandatory, but lots of fun when the class dresses to match the theme)

TK will explore color in the coming weeks. When possible, please join in.

A Study on Color-- Week One

If you can, please try to have your child wear the following colors on specified days--

  • Sept. 2: red
  • Sept. 3: blue
  • Sept. 4: green

A Study on Color-- Week Two

Find a shirt, shorts, skirt, or socks... any little thing that could match (if possible)--

  • Sept. 8: yellow
  • Sept. 9: orange
  • Sept. 10: purple
  • Sept. 11: brown

A Study on Color-- Week Three

Have you discovered your favorite, yet? It is the "same old thing"? Or something new?
  • Sept. 14: black
  • Sept. 15: pink
  • Sept. 16: white
  • Sept. 17: gray
  • Sept. 18: Rainbow Day!