News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Jan. 28th-Feb. 1st

Tidbits From the Teacher

Good Day!

We are having a good day in the room and hope you are having one wherever you are right now.

Picture day is coming. I've included the date but that is all I've learned so far. I'll keep you posted as I learn details.

Every year second graders decorate boxes to hold their valentines from classmates. It's that time of year where everyone needs to find a shoe box (adult-sized shoe box) or an empty cereal box. I've got a few in my room if someone can't find a box. Just let me know and I'll send one home until they're all gone!!

Decorating Rules and Information will come home NEXT WEEK on the homework page!!

Things to Return:

-Homework on Monday

-Report card envelope (signed but empty)

Dates to Remember

Feb. 7th: Class & Spring pictures

Feb. 9th: Barnes & Noble Book Fair @ La Frontera 11:00-3:00

Feb. 14th: Valentine's Party from 1:30-2:30 in our room

Feb. 22nd: Six Flags Reading Logs due today or sooner

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We are moving into addition and subtraction with 2 digit (double-digit) numbers. We'll be working on figuring out ways to add or subtract that use more of our recall of basic math facts. (If your child hasn't been studying those facts, it will start to show now that we're in second semester. Please work on these for 3-5 minutes daily.)

Social Studies- We are moving into our study of famous Americans who helped our country in some way. We'll be reading and learning about a variety of men and women from the past and present.

Writing- Students are polishing up their All About books and we'll share them midway through the week. Everyone is super excited to get to do this! We'll end the week using this time to write about famous Americans.

Reading- Our focus will be on reading or hearing stories that are realistic fiction. Once we've read or heard the story, we'll try to find the facts and supporting details. This will happen whole group or with partners. We'll also continue to work on Read Like a Third Grader strategies. We've learned what comprehension and active listening mean. Now we'll break down the steps to figuring out how to answer questions on a test.

Spelling/Handwriting- We have learned to form Cc, Oo, Ss, Vv, Ww, Tt, Aa, Dd, Gg, Uu, Ii, Ee, Ll, and Kk. Please make sure your child is using the correct handwriting position and using capital and lowercase correctly on these letters specifically.

Class Wish List

-Thank you Jack for the batteries!! (I think another friend brought in batteries but I can't remember who-help!!)

-Thank you Nilay for the disinfectant wipes! We love coming to school and being well little dude!!

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!