Fransisco Pizarro

1 of History's Most Evil Men

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Francisco Pizarro was born the illegitimate son of Gonzalo Pizarro and a woman of poor means. Pizarro was raised in Trujillo, Spain the poorest part of the country. Growing up Pizarro herded his fathers pigs.He never attended school or had any form of proper education. As a young man Pizarro became a soldier because of his background there were not many other choices. Even as a soldier Pizarro longed for adventure and treasure.
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The achievement that Pizarro is best known for would be his concurring of the Incas. A few other achievements of Pizarro was that he was the first European to see the Pacific ocean, he also led the first Europeans to Peru, and once in Peru Pizarro organized the Spanish settlement of Darien.
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Impact on Today

Fransisco played a part in the Spanish conquest, ultimately creating the downfall of the Inca Empire, and claiming parts of South America as Spanish colonies. Therefore bringing Spanish culture to north western South America. Some examples of this would be the evident change between Inca government to Spanish government shortly following the fall of the Inca Empire.

Interesting Facts

  • Pizarro took Inca leader Atahualpa prisoner and even after being offered a room 17ft x 22ft filled up to 9ft high with gold and 2 smaller rooms filled with silver (the equivalent of $1.6 billion dollars) he had the leader tried and executed.
  • Pizarro killed the Sapa Incas wife.
  • Excelled in torture
  • There is a statue of him in San Martin (Trujillo, Peru)
  • His mother was a lady of the night.
  • Because he was born out of wedlock his name was not registered with the church. Learn more by clicking here. To watch the rest of the video click here.