November 16,2012

About hurricanes

Hurricanes are the most powerful type of storm. They can cause major flooding because of the amount of rain fall occurring. A hurricane is a very dangerous tropical storm.

A hurricane is a tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern Pacific ocean. A Typhoon is when a tropical storm forms over the Western Pacific ocean. A hurricane maintains strength over warm water because, a hurricane forms over warm water for 1 and the warm water vapor builds its strength up. A hurricane looses its strength over land because, there is no warm water on the land surface. The way the categorize and name hurricanes are, they name the hurricane by alphabetic order. After that, in 1953 they changed it to only girl names. Then in 1979 the added male names to the list of names. Now we have six list of names that switch around every year. Sometimes if a hurricane is too bad or, caused a lot of damage or deaths it is retired from the list. Then they determine if the hurricane is a category 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. For a hurricane to actually be a hurricane the wind speed has to be at least 74 mph.

My Famous Hurricane

My famous hurricane is Hurricane Mitch. Something that is interesting about Hurricane Mitch is, that at one point he dissapered and reformed again, almost like he teleported or something. The category of Mitch before he made landfall was a category 5 hurricane. He was a category 1 when he did make landfall. Mitch over Northern Honduras but, actually started to form over the coast of Honduras. The month, year and date of this hurricane when it happened was October 29, 1998. That is the date of my hurricane when it made landfall. Another interesting fact about Hurricane Mitch is that he only killed 2 people in the Florida Keys. The picture to my right shows the damage made by Hurricane Mitch. The amount of people that were killed by Hurricane Mitch was 9,000 people. The amount of people that were missing was also 9,000 people. The amount of money that this hurricane cost them was 40 million dollars.


That is all i have to tell you about general facts and hurricanes and my famous hurricane in history. I hope you enjoyed this.