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the week of May 26th - 29th

Hi Fischer Families,

We are almost there! This is our last few days of school. Usually this week is filled with team activities, grade level breakfasts, celebrations and 8th grade promotion ceremonies. Although this year is different, we want our students and families to know how much we care and appreciate all of your hard work throughout the school year. We celebrate you!

It was great seeing families this past week!

Even from a distance, it was wonderful to see so many smiling faces this past week at Locker Pick Up!!!

Summer Learning

Here are some fun resources to keep students learning and engaged over the summer.

  • National Summer Learning Week (July 6th - 11th) is a celebration dedicated to advocacy and awareness around elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy every summer, ensuring they return to school in the fall ready to succeed in the year. This year, each day will focus on a new theme: Literacy, STEM, Arts, College & Career Readiness, and Nutrition and Wellness. https://www.summerlearning.org/summer-learning-week/
  • Read, Read, and Read Some more: "If anything is correlated with academic success and knowledge retention over the summer, it is reading. In this day and age of technology at our fingertips, sometimes I forget about public libraries that make finding children’s books easy. Make sure to find topics that are of interest to your child, as they are more likely to read if they are interested in the material.
  • Math Practice: There are so many great online resources for Math practice and skill building. Khan Academy is a great online resource to keep up on skills and learn new skills. (This website isn't only for math. It also has science, arts & humanities, computing, engineering, test prep, and the list goes on!)
  • Smithsonian Institute for Kids: Explore online exhibits about art, science, nature, history and culture
  • Makers Camp: How does Maker Camp work? Maker camp is a free, online community you can enjoy year-round! You can participate online from home and explore a new project each day.
  • Keep A Journal! Whether you are at home, or on a vacation, have your child keep a daily journal about daily happenings, new experiences, new things they learn, and the list goes on!
  • Explore: Explore the possibilities and nature that the Fox Valley Park District offers virtually.
  • Stay Connected to Others - The ALIVE Center of Naperville is still holding virtual hangouts and activities: http://alivenaperville.com/

  • Sources:

    Foundations for the Future School

    37 ingenious summer learning resources for your kids

Staying Focused, Healthy and Energized!

According to schoolfamily.com, the following are helpful tips for students to stay focused:

  • Sleep: the National Sleep Foundation & American Academy of Pediatrics agree that middle school aged children should get between 9-11 hours of sleep each night.

  • Nutrition: eating a healthy breakfast with fruit & protein (such as eggs), healthy grains, low-sugar cereal, etc. a healthy lunch & dinner through the day will help focus with a steady source of energy throughout the day.

  • Daily Exercise: walking, riding a bike or hiking!
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We are here!

Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Nonnemacher, Mrs. Spires or Mrs. Smith if you need anything!

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