Golden Rays Closer 2016

All the info you need & more to prepare for the closer :)


You're receiving this because you offered to run point for your team for this year's Follies closer (many, many thanks for that - it's gonna be awesome because OF YOU!). It's a pretty large undertaking to try to pull off something like this without a bonafide video department on campus or designated staff person, and we're hoping that divvying the responsibilities and collaborating this way will create a truly awesome final product. Below, we've included links that will (hopefully) be really helpful for you as you prep your team.

We're trying not to spam everyone with Follies info, but feel free to share this info & the links with your team if you think they would find this helpful.

Broken Arrow High School Lip Dub - 2015

When you have twelve minutes to spare (we're laughing with you...we know how crazy things are...and twelve extra minutes to be found anywhere is a Christmas miracle...!!!), take a look at the video below. There are TONS of lip dub videos on You Tube that schools have created, but this one ups the bar and is what we're aiming for. Ish.

The closing of our closer (HAH!), will be really similar in execution to what BAHS has done. The dance moves will be created by us, so no need to teach your team what you see. We will go live at that point and stay live from that point out (HS Musical's "We're All in This Together").

Broken Arrow High School 2015 Lip Dub
This document is waaaaaaaaaaay more info than you need...but will hopefully give you any details thay may be helpful as you prep your team for their piece. It contains the song flow, time stamps, song duration, lyrics, etc. etc. etc. You can find lyrics for your team's segment, and other info, here.

Keep in mind that we love you all. The team segments are different lengths due to the differences in the songs, not for any other reason. Just sayin' :).


This link will need to be downloaded so you can hear the track we'll be using for the closer. If there are things that you'd like tweaked, feel free to contact Steph or Lauren & we'd be happy to try to do that. Keep in mind that if you can work with it, though, please's a very large file, and changing up little bits here and there is time-consuming at our end because of the domino effect. There will be a few slight changes to what you hear in this file, but this should work for your teams to use for their segment video.

If the link below doesn't work, here it is in address form so you can try to copy & paste:


Friday, Feb. 12th, 3:15pm

This is an online event.

Please have your video completed and sent to Lauren H. by Friday, Feb. 12th so we can have it ready to use for the closer practice the following week. If you need any help, let us know!


If you need help with the actual videoing, let us know! We'd love to come do that for you so you can be in the segment as well. Feel free to use students and video in random locations throughout the school...get creative & have fun!

Remember, this is supposed to be FUN and not stressful. Anything you do will be great. Our hope is that a little effort by each team will be exponentially effective when all the pieces come together as a whole to show JUST HOW AWESOME Reagan is!


Here's who we have running point for each team...just FYI.

  • K - Rachel Hoefar
  • 1st - Lisabeth Belzel
  • 2nd - Deanna Perkins
  • 3rd - Lauren Houser / Melanie Sivells
  • 4th - Reanna Eddy
  • 5th - Kellie Lambert
  • SPROG - Rindy Kress
  • SPED - Blythe Campbell
  • Specials - TBD
  • Office - Stephanie Beasley