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Upcoming Marketing Trends To Dominate Mobile Ad Networks

Upcoming Marketing Trends To Dominate Mobile Ad Networks

Ubiquitous computing combined with ambient intelligence and pervasive networking has almost completely changed the way human beings now interact with everything around them. With mobile ad networks, marketers can reach anybody and everybody – anywhere and everywhere – delivering the advertisements directly in their pockets. In the rapid speed that mobile marketing trends are changing it is now really difficult to imagine the amount of creativity that can be thrown into it.

As a matter of fact several promises are made by the mobile revolution that is taking place presently and availability of a powerful computer always within arm’s reach is certainly one of the major advantages. The present generation of smartphones offers instant access to information available online and with their ability of instantly communicating with anybody in any part of the world, a wealth of data is now available at the fingertips of the users even on the go.

Trends that will control the future

Professionals associated with mobile ad networks have quickly understood that there are a couple of trends based upon which mobile advertising campaigns are delivered – one is mixing ad with contextual for programmatic buying and selling and the other is data aware delivery.

Programmatic mobile advertising trends use some particular software for automating advertising inventory buying and selling and usually a network or exchange is used for the purpose. For a long time programmatic advertising has been associated with Google and a number of other real time bidding networks where the software is used for auctioning keywords for the highest bidders. This type of advertisement can also be defined as the process of buying impressions on applications and websites – those are commonly known as programmatic direct.

Compared to the programmatic trends – contextual computing trends in any best mobile ad network is perhaps a little easier to define - but from an advertising and marketing point of view it is also the more difficult to implement. But as a matter of fact a combination of both these trends has proved immensely helpful for the companies in targeting potential users via mobile apps and websites. A growing number of companies and multinational brands are now depending upon these two types of mobile advertising trends but if maturity is considered, mobile advertisement is still in its early days but broader adoption of mobile advertising channels by different brands and mobile advertising channels has already started and as the market is gradually moving beyond the basic applications – distribution ads are now expected to make up the majority of the market though we are still in the initial years of mobile advertising.

The unobtrusive two way communication that is now being offered by the smartphones and other handheld devices with internet connectivity has caught the attention not only of the media industry but also of the world of advertising and promotion. But at the same time types of mobile advertising are also expected to change rapidly and if you want to know more about the pros and cons of mobile ad networks and how they are going to change in future – visit

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